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Eton Mess Dessert – 5 Minute Pavlova Recipe

Yummy, scrummy, and oh-so-delicious, this 5 Minute Eton Mess Dessert literally melts in your mouth – just like pavlova! This quick version features crumbly meringue, sweet whipped cream, fresh fruit and Table of Plenty’s Nourish & Go all wrapped up in one ridiculously easy dessert recipe.

Eton Mess Dessert Recipe 5 Minute Pavlova - Whipped in minutes, this quick and easy dessert is sure to please your guests. Sweet thick cream, strawberries, mint, kiwi and meringue make the best combo. |

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Do you often find yourself craving something a sweet little bite after dinner, but don’t feel like going to the hassle of making or baking something?

Well, today’s little Eton Mess Dessert recipe is the answer!

Today we’re sharing a few little tips and tricks to make your very own quick and easy Eton Mess at home.

But remember guys, with great power comes great responsibility. 😉

(Good luck resisting this one when that next sugar craving hits!)

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Basic Apple Crumble Recipe with Muesli

This Basic Apple Crumble Recipe with soft baked apples and cinnamon topped with a crunchy biscuity crumble will warm you up from the inside out. This nourishing English dessert (also known as Apple Crisp) is so deliciously easy to prepare, especially with the help of Table of Plenty’s new Pink Lady Apple & Almond Muesli.

Basic Apple Crumble Recipe with Muesli - A crispy golden top laid over delectably sweet, soft apple. Top with cream or ice-cream for a wickedly good dessert. |

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When Sarah first handed me this freshly baked Apple Crumble to hold, still warm and toasty from the oven, I distinctly remember my two first thoughts:


“Oh my… It smells like a cookie. Like a giant crumbly cookie.”

Followed by:

“I could probably eat this for breakfast.”

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Koulourakia Recipe – Greek Cookies for Easter

Koulourakia Greek Easter Cookies are light and crumbly like shortbread but not too sweet. They’re perfect with a hot cup of coffee or tea! This Koulourakia recipe is quick and easy to make, with flavours of sweet vanilla, sumac and citrus zest.

Koulourakia Recipe - The butter based Greek cookies are Easter winners in our household. Their slightly crispy, and cake-like in the center with a lemon and sumac twist. |

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Easter may still a few weeks away, but you wouldn’t know it judging by the supermarket shelves. They’ve been packed with hot cross buns for weeks, so no wonder it feels like time flies by so quickly.

The busier we get, the faster time flies, which is why we think holidays like Easter are so important.

They’re a chance to slow down and relax. To spend time with those important people in our lives and eat some delicious food along the way! 😀

Like most holidays in Australia, Easter tends to revolve around food. But at this time of year, we find ourselves craving a sweet treat or two like these adorable Koulourakia – Greek Easter Cookies.

Light and crumbly, ever-so-slightly sweet and with a refreshing citrus burst, you’ll be munching on Greek cookies in no time with this easy Koulourakia recipe.

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Easy Australian Pavlova Recipe

Summer is calling and it’s time to celebrate! This Easy Australian Pavlova Recipe is all about that crunchy, crumbly meringue shell and soft, pillowy marshmallow centre, topped with lashings of sweet cream and fruit. And with KitchenAid’s new Artisan Mini Mixer, this easy pavlova recipe is ready in 2, 4, 6, 8!

Easy Australian Pavlova Recipe with The Kitchenaid Artisan Mini Mixer - Crunchy meringue with lashings of sweet cream and fruit. |

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Okay guys, I know there’s been huge debate over whether this simple sweet dessert of meringue, cream and fruit has Australian, New Zealand or even American origins.

But to anyone who’s seriously pondering this, we’ve got only one thing to say:

Just eat it already!

Don’t know about you, but I’m more than happy to share ownership with anybody when Pavlova tastes this good. 😉

No matter which origin story you believe, here’s our Australian version of how we cooked Pavlova growing up.

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Burmese Semolina Cake (Shwegyi Sanwei Makin)

Burmese Semolina Cake (Shwegyi Sanwei Makin) is rich,  moist, subtly sweet. A mouthwatering South-East Asian dessert with hints of coconut.

Burmese Semolina Cake - A South-East Asian treat with hints of coconut. Vegetarian |

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It’s been a while now since our wanders through Burma/Myanmar.

We had our first taste of Burmese culture and cuisine in Yangon, the country’s former capital, staying in a tiny windowless guesthouse in the heart of the city’s Chinatown district.

At the time, it all seemed like an overwhelming hubbub of new experiences, sights, sounds, and smells.

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