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South Aussie Pie Floater

Creamy pea soup meets crunchy crisp beef pies in this South Aussie Pie Floater recipe. Top with tomato sauce and you have one seriously delicious dinner combination. Too easy!

South Aussie Pie Floater - Creamy rich pea soup meets crunchy crisp beef pies. Topped with tomato sauce, and you have one delicious dinner combination. Too easy. |

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Hey guys! Today we’re sharing a recipe for the South Aussie Pie Floater, a CLASSIC dish from our hometown of Adelaide.

But first, there’s something we have to admit:

Up until this week I had never actually eaten a Pie Floater.

*gasp* :O

Sarah is giving me evil eyes across the desk.

What an oversight. Well it’s time for this food-obsessed South Aussie to earn back a few brownie points and try our hands at this humble Australian recipe.

And now’s your chance to knock this off your bucket list too. Who’s with us?

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Snert Dutch Split Pea Soup (Erwtensoep)

A savoury delight, this thick and hearty Snert Dutch Split Pea Soup (Erwtensoep) is just like a warm hug from Grandma on a cold winter’s day. And! This bowl of smoky goodness tastes just as good as its name. We swear!

Snert Dutch Split Pea Soup Erwtensoep - A thick dinner soup. Eat with crusty, hot bread and get stuck into a steamy bowl tonight.|

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Can we all just bask in the glory of that name for a second, before I pull out its other Dutch name?

ERWTENSOEP. (Pronounced: Air-ten-soup)

Oh god how we love these names! They’re almost as good as the dish itself.

But no matter what you call this Dutch Split Pea Soup, we’re sure you’re going to love it.
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Slovenian Sausage & Vegetable Barley Soup (Ričet)

For those times in life when you NEED a thick, hearty and nourishing soup to set everything right in the world. This Slovenian Sausage & Vegetable Barley Soup is super warming on a cold winter’s night, or make in advance for a lazy dinner after a busy day.

Slovenian Sausage & Vegetable Barley Soup (Ričet) - Thick, hearty and nourishing, this soup is packed full of warming flavour and healthy nutrients. It can also be prepared vegetarian or vegan. |

Sooo many people ask us: ‘What’s your favourite country?’

(Do you guys know how tough that is to answer?? 😛 )

Seriously though, thirty countries down and the decision only becomes harder.

When you make us choose, I guess Vietnam and Japan are both right up there on our list, coming in equal first place for their mouth-watering cuisines and incredible cultures.

I know I know, still not technically a choice there, but at least we narrowed it down, right?!

And yet…

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Jani Me Fasule – Albanian White Bean Soup

A bowl full of Albanian comfort food, this one pot Jani Me Fasule (Albanian White Bean Soup) packs a huge flavour punch from a ridiculously small ingredients list. Perfect for a Sunday lunch with friends, this light yet filling meal can also be frozen for a delicious mid-week meal in minutes.

Fasule Bean Soup - a light yet filling lunch or dinner that tastes even better the next day.

Albania is not the easiest country in the world to get to, but once you’re there it’s completely worth the effort. Spend a day wandering the streets of Tirana, Albania’s capital, and you’ll discover a contrasting city full of cosy restaurants and coffee shops packed full of people, tucked away within the communist-era buildings.  

The contrasts are not just skin deep. Delve into Albanian cuisine and you’ll find hints of flavour from across the Mediterranean; Italian spices such as oregano blend almost seamlessly with black pepper and paprika from Turkey.

There’s so much flavour, it’s unbelievable how simple it is to prepare traditional Albanian cuisine such as this rich and hearty Jani Me Fasule recipe – aka Albanian White Bean Soup. 

Gleefully escaping the summer’s heat into our host Eriona’s cool apartment we thought the last thing we could possibly eat would be soup. One mouthful was enough to tell us just how wrong we were!

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