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Restaurants, cafes, cooking classes and foodie reviews! We find awesomely quirky food places for you to discover on your next trip.

Cooking Music To Get You Dancing In The Kitchen

Okay, hands up. Who listens to music when they’re cooking? Well we’ve got the Ultimate Cooking Music Playlists for you. Sudio earphones and Spotify go hand in hand when it’s time to cook up a storm in the kitchen. Ready to dance?

Ultimate Cooking Music Playlists - These are guaranteed to get you dancing in the kitchen. Got Spotify and Sudio Earphones? Then you're set! |

I don’t know about you, but for us music is soooo much a part of our lives.

Sometimes we’ll just let it play softly in the background and help us focus on writing posts and editing photos.

Sometimes we’ll play it LOUD, especially when we’re driving all over the city.

But there’s nothing better than throwing on the beats in the kitchen.

Unless that’s boppin’ away at the dinner table. Continue reading

21 Wickedly-Delicious Global Bites For The Adelaide Foodie

Adelaide is BURSTING with amazing international eats. If you’re an Adelaide Foodie, check out this list of our FAVOURITE restaurants and eateries and get your fix of the good stuff. A whole world of food is waiting for you and it’s right here in our awesome city.

21 Wickedly-Delicious Global Bites For The Adelaide Foodie by Wandercooks

Happy Friday guys! Well it’s officially official – we’ve got just one month to go til we’re back home in Adelaide.

We’re getting just a teensy bit excited about heading home soon, especially when we started thinking about all the great food we can eat once we get there.

So we put together a little list of favourites to share the love with you, just in time for the weekend, so you can jump into some seriously good international feasting.

And, just quickly? After all this travelling we’re so impressed that our little city has such a diverse spread of amazing food from all corners of the world. Adelaide, you rock!

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Time for Lime Lanta Thai Cooking Class

Heading to Thailand in the near future? There’s one thing you NEED to add to your itinerary, apart from copious amounts of cocktails next to the beach that is. Do yourself a favour and book into a Thai Cooking Class – your taste buds won’t know what hit ’em.

Time for Lime Lanta Thai Cooking Class - With Noi at the helm we learnt the roots of Thai cuisine. Simple, spicy and delicious meals from start to finish. |

Yay Thailand! Just thinking about Thai cuisine is enough to make our mouths water, so now that we’ve arrived we’re ready to sink our teeth into all things nice and spice(y).

So we set ourselves a little mission:

1) Find a nice relaxing Thai island getaway, and
2) Learn as much as we can about Thai cuisine.

Welcome to Noi’s boot camp, aka Time for Lime Creative Thai Cooking Class, where there will be sweat, there will be tears… but no blood people, those knives are sharp!

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Burmese Food Week – With Alice & Su’s Kitchen

The Wandercooks have just come back from two and a half weeks travelling through mysterious Myanmar; a mouth-watering journey to discover its exotic cuisine. We’re so excited to share with you everything we learned that we’ve decided to hold a very special Burmese Food Week!

Burmese Food Week - Alice from Alice and Su's kitchen in Mandalay, Myanmar shows us some SUPER QUICK homemade dishes. No MSG. |

Every day this week we’ll reveal a brand new recipe; from spicy curries to colourful stirfrys and zesty salads, so that by the end of the week you’ll be able to prepare your very own Burmese Banquet.

So, what’s the secret to Burmese food? Join us over the next five days as we share with you our favourite Burmese recipes.

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Naples’ Dangerously Good Paninos from Uncle Francesco

Uncle Francesco with a couple of his amazing hamburger patties.

‘We’re going out for dinner!’

After a long day cooped up inside working (okay yes, avoiding the Napolitan summer heat outside) this was the best news we’d heard all day.

‘What are we having?’ we asked.

‘Oh you know, just the best paninos in all of Napoli!’

And with that bold statement we set out into the night to discover some dangerously good delicacies in the heart of Naples.

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