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Gyoza (Japanese Pork Dumplings)

This super tasty Japanese snack is packed with juicy minced pork and seriously tasty umami flavour. Steam fry your very own homemade Gyoza (Japanese Pork Dumplings) until crispy, chewy, golden brown and enjoy. Oh yeah!

Gyoza (Japanese Pork Dumplings) - A recipe guaranteed to win snack or dinner time. Filled with pork, cabbage and soy flavour just waiting to be dipped in a side of ponzu. Yum! | wandercooks.com

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So… we’ll let you in on a little secret.

We’re sorta, kinda, maybe just a little bit totally ADDICTED to dumplings.

Doesn’t even matter if they’re big or small, spicy Asian style or savoury European dumplings. We love them all.

But we especially love these funky little gyoza – aka Japanese Pork Dumplings.

I mean, just look at them… sitting here in all their crispy steam fried glory. Tell me you wouldn’t eat them all RIGHT NOW if you could.

Yeah. That’s what I thought. 😛

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Spicy Lao Dip – Three Ways

Introducing Spicy Lao Dip – Three Ways! This zesty and versatile base for Spicy Lao Dip makes it easy to prepare a range of exotic appetisers or perfect sides for your next Asian dinner party. Why not pair with Lao Steamed Fish? Eat with sticky rice, crusty bread, or dive in with a spoon – we won’t judge.

Spicy Lao Dip Three Ways - Need an IMPRESSIVE appetiser? These dips are a PINCH: Just roast, smash, serve and impress. Healthy. | wandercooks.com

I ♥ dips. I’m not sure what it is about them, but when there’s a tasty dip in front of me I’ll mindlessly eat away until I run out of things to dip. And even then I might dip my finger in when nobody’s looking.

Wait. No. I never do that. Promise. *Shifty eyes*

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Crispy Thai Spring Rolls

Holy spring rolls! Everyone’s eaten them, but have you ever tried to make your own? If not then you’re in luck, because these authentic Crispy Thai Spring Rolls are about to rock your world. So why are they so good?

Crispy Thai Spring Rolls - No more take-away, these EASY prep spring rolls are perfect for clearing out the fridge. Ready to crunch? Vegetarian. | wandercooks.com

Is it that crispy crunch? That amazing dipping sauce? That scrumptious filling that you know will be hot, that you know will burn your tongue on that very first bite, and that you somehow still can’t resist?

Oh yeah, that’s what we’re talking about.

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Miang Kham (Thailand in One Bite)

Okay guys here it is, we’ve just found Thailand’s most amazing appetiser! Known as Miang Kham, they’re like a taste of Thailand in – you guessed it – one bite! Now that the weather’s finally getting warmer back home it’s time to get the party started with this quirky, simple snack.

Miang Kham (Thailand In One Bite) - A tasty hands-on snack or appetiser perfect for a summer party to impress your friends. What a quirky salad! | wandercooks.com

In Thailand you’ll find these tasty little morsels wrapped up and ready to eat at your local street food stalls, but when we arrived at the Thai Cooking Class at Time for Lime, those delicious ingredients lay ready and waiting to be explored with all our senses.

Colourful, zesty and with a flavour punch that keeps on giving. Half the fun is just putting them together.

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Gyoza Pork Dumplings with Spring Onion

Gyoza are a big winner in our eyes – delicious, soft and crispy dumplings served up with a few different kinds of homemade sauces. We can think of nothing better and our mouths are watering just typing this, literally.

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