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Radish Leaf Pesto

Radish Leaf Pesto is a perfect party starter. Fresh, zingy and super moreish, it’s a great way to use up those leftover radish leaves and avoid waste. Mixed with your favourite oil, cheese and nuts, it couldn’t be easier to make your very own pesto at home. Just don’t blame us if it disappears in minutes. 

Mushroom Dip and Radish Leaf Pesto - A perfect party starter, there were at least four packets of breadsticks consumed for these alone.

Pesto is one of our all-time favourite ingredients. We’re not ashamed to admit we’ve been known to carry a little jar of it around occasionally as we travel, since we know that all we need is a one packet of pasta, a teaspoon (or three) of our pesto paste and we’re set for dinner wherever we are.

We love pesto and the taste of basil, but being such an intense flavour it does tend to take over whatever you use it in. But did you know that pesto doesn’t have to be limited to just basil? You can make it with anything you have at hand, making it a great way to use up ingredients that might otherwise have been wasted. 

Yep, you can make pesto out of just about anything you like, as long as you follow this one simple rule:

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Vanilla Blanc Manger with Blackberry Coulis

If you’re looking for an IMPRESSIVE dessert with minimal fuss, look no further than Vanilla Blanc Manger. Sweet, delicate, and topped with homemade blackberry coulis, you’re just six ingredients away from a fancy treat to spoil your friends at your next dinner party.

Wildflower Blanc Manger Recipe - Top with homemade raspberry coulis for a delicious refreshing dessert with subtle sweet tones.

There’s only one thing better than sitting down to an amazing home-cooked meal…

Dessert, of course!

But we’re not just taking about any old store-bought mousse either (okay, yeah, we do love them a little bit too). Our Belgian host Matthieu had something far more impressive in mind, and we’re just thankful that after tucking in to his Belgian Meatloaf and Radish Stoemp that we’d managed to save some room for his final creation aka a delicious homemade Blanc Manger.

Wait – what is blanc manger, you ask?

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Traditional Belgian Meatloaf

Crispy on the outside, deliciously juicy on the inside, this Belgian Meatloaf Recipe is surprisingly easy to make. One bite and you’ll want to sing its praises just like us.

Belgian Meatloaf Recipe - Meatloaf is making a comeback, and we think it's never looked so good.

As we travel around the world, visiting so many countries and staying with locals and expats alike, we’ve started to notice a funny trend. We always get asked the same questions…

What is your favourite dish?

Which country’s food do you like the best?

Ohhhh these are such hard questions for us to answer!

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Belgian Radish Stoemp

Belgian Meatloaf Recipe - Serve with stoemp for an authentic and delicious Belgian feast at home.

There’s big competition on our own personal list of favourite foods, that’s for sure.

The more we travel, the more our top choices change. 

And now we’ve found something that just blew away our top choice, firmly cementing itself as number one. Well, for now! Belgian Radish Stoemp is (for us at least) a brand new take on an old and much loved recipe… or should we say recette? Move over mashed potatoes, it’s time to Stoemp!

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