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Mexican Chicken Mole Recipe with Dark Chocolate

A scintillating blend of dark chocolate, red chilli and aromatic spices weave their magic in this Mexican Chicken Mole recipe that’s deliciously tender AND easy enough to prepare for a mid-week dinner. Let’s get started!

Simple Mexican Chicken Mole Recipe with Dark Chocolate - A rich, aromatic sauce with indulgent dark chocolate and exotic spices, paired with slow-cooked chicken and tortillas. It's a fiesta! | wandercooks.com

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Today we’re sharing a mouthwatering discovery known as Mexican Chicken Mole, which we first came across when a friend cooked it for us on New Year’s Eve.

We were camping out together, in tents and swags, sleeping under the stars, and it made us feel like we were travelling again.

Before the clock struck midnight and the fireworks crackled their way through the sky, we shared a Mexican-themed feast with everyone bringing a different dish to contribute.

The platters were piled high with nachos, tacos and refried beans aplenty, but it was this humble Mexican Chicken Mole that truly stole the show.

From that first bite of tender shredded chicken in rich, dark and spicy chocolate-infused sauce, we were totally hooked.

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Italian Roast Chicken (Dry Salt Roast Chicken)

A super juicy, super tender Italian Roast Chicken recipe cooked completely without oil. All you get is soft, moist, white chicken with a crinkly, crispy skin. It’s the perfect easy Italian roast dinner recipe you’ve been looking for.

Italian Roast Chicken (Dry Salt Roasted Chicken) - Crispy skin and juicy meat awaits, no oil required. | wandercooks.com

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Sitting here in our cosy home-office, we’re thankful for the life we’ve created for ourselves and the people who have helped us along the way. For the roof over our heads and for the food on our table and for being able to share it all with you guys every week.

But.. if we’re completely honest… There’s a little something we’re missing from our travelling past-life.

And it’s got something to do with those spontaneous, life-changing decisions that lead to unforgettable adventures (and tasty international cuisines 😉 ) just like this one.

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Laotian Chicken Salad (Lao Larb Gai)

Laotian Chicken Salad (Lao Larb Gai) is a satisfyingly spicy dish for lunch, dinner, or even as a side dish. With its fragrant blend of herbs and spices, Larb has the perfect balance of salty and sweet. Not to mention it’s a light and healthy way cool off on a hot summer’s day.

Laotian Chicken Salad (Lao Larb Gai) - A fresh, zesty salad filled with all that good South East Asian flavour! A simple recipe you can whip up in minutes.| wandercooks.com

Despite its not-so-attractive-sounding name, Larb would have to be our most favourite salad from Southeast Asia. We had our first taste in Chiang Mai (Thailand) then later on a very similar version in the remote countryside of Laos.

In fact, it was in Laos’ sleepy northern village of Nong Khiaw, on the Nam Ou River, that we came across our favourite edition of this dish.

What I remember most about this little town is its massive bridge linking the village on both sides of the river…

… and the specific and oh-so-slightly embarrassing reason why we were 1000% grateful to be eating a salad full of bright, fresh, and HAPPY flavours that quiet, foggy day. 

Oh yeah. It had been quite a morning.

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Easy Vegemite Chicken Pasta

Not quite Asian, not quite European, with a huge chunk of Australian thrown in for good measure. Vegemite Chicken Pasta is our first fusion recipe that’s super easy to make and packed full of flavour. Just in time for an Australia Day feast!

Easy Vegemite Chicken Pasta - Move over Vegemite Toast and Scrolls, there's a new vegemite recipe in town and it has...chicken?! | wandercooks.com

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So we’ve just crunched the numbers and figured out that we have only six weeks to go on our year long wandering adventure. 🙁

Apart from shock at how fast time has flown (whaaat? it’s 2016? you’re joking) I’m still trying to figure out which feeling is stronger…

Because our super keen excitement to see everyone we’ve missed back home is kind of tinged with that horrible, disbelieving feeling of NOOOO.

It can’t be over yet. It’s far too soon to be going home. Didn’t we leave Adelaide like a month ago?

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Burmese Lemongrass Chicken Curry

This Lemongrass Chicken Curry is the masterpiece of our finished Burmese Banquet. It’s the one your fork will wander back to again and again as you sample all the amazing Burmese dishes we’ve learned this week.

Lemongrass Chicken Curry - The heart and soul of Burmese cuisine with a spicy kick to awaken the senses. | wandercooks.com

Wow, how quickly time flies! The weekend has arrived and it’s time for our final Burmese Food Week recipe – Lemongrass Chicken Curry.

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