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Eton Mess Dessert – 5 Minute Pavlova Recipe

Yummy, scrummy, and oh-so-delicious, this 5 Minute Eton Mess Dessert literally melts in your mouth – just like pavlova! This quick version features crumbly meringue, sweet whipped cream, fresh fruit and Table of Plenty’s Nourish & Go all wrapped up in one ridiculously easy dessert recipe.

Eton Mess Dessert Recipe 5 Minute Pavlova - Whipped in minutes, this quick and easy dessert is sure to please your guests. Sweet thick cream, strawberries, mint, kiwi and meringue make the best combo. | wandercooks.com

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Do you often find yourself craving something a sweet little bite after dinner, but don’t feel like going to the hassle of making or baking something?

Well, today’s little Eton Mess Dessert recipe is the answer!

Today we’re sharing a few little tips and tricks to make your very own quick and easy Eton Mess at home.

But remember guys, with great power comes great responsibility. 😉

(Good luck resisting this one when that next sugar craving hits!)

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Italian Strawberry Muffins Recipe

These easy homemade Italian Strawberry Muffins are super moist and filled with fresh strawberries, and can be made in minutes with your KitchenAid. They’re like ME-TIME in a patty pan. Just add a hot mug of coffee or tea. 😉

Strawberry Muffins Recipe - These easy homemade muffins are filled with fresh strawberries, super moist on the inside and can be made in minutes with your KitchenAid. | wandercooks.com

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Sometimes the smallest things can set off a bout of homesickness. Thankfully though, sometimes the simplest things can cure it. These super easy Strawberry Muffins were our 30 minute cure during a rather strong bout of homesickness while we were overseas, so we thought we’d share their delicious goodness in case you need a sweet little pick-me-up too.

Wandering through the middle of South East Asia was a heck of an adventure.

We were so lucky to see, try and taste so many zany new foods, but the longer we travelled, the more we started to miss…

Familiar things…

Comforting things…

Flavours that reminded us of home when it all got a bit too hard.

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Basic Apple Crumble Recipe with Muesli

This Basic Apple Crumble Recipe with soft baked apples and cinnamon topped with a crunchy biscuity crumble will warm you up from the inside out. This nourishing English dessert (also known as Apple Crisp) is so deliciously easy to prepare, especially with the help of Table of Plenty’s new Pink Lady Apple & Almond Muesli.

Basic Apple Crumble Recipe with Muesli - A crispy golden top laid over delectably sweet, soft apple. Top with cream or ice-cream for a wickedly good dessert. | wandercooks.com

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When Sarah first handed me this freshly baked Apple Crumble to hold, still warm and toasty from the oven, I distinctly remember my two first thoughts:


“Oh my… It smells like a cookie. Like a giant crumbly cookie.”

Followed by:

“I could probably eat this for breakfast.”

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Pasta all Amatriciana Recipe

This rustic Italian recipe for Pasta all Amatriciana is perfect for a weeknight meal. Quick and easy to make, Pasta all Amatriciana has a gorgeously rich tomato sauce, smoky pancetta, a hint of chilli and freshly grated pecorino romano cheese weaved through Garofalo pasta.

Pasta all Amatriciana Spaghetti Recipe - A quick and simple Italian recipe, with bold flavours of pancetta, passata and onion with a hint of chilli. | wandercooks.com

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This recipe is a celebration of all things Italian cuisine.

Hailing from the mountainous town of Amatrice in the 1600s, this rustic Italian shepherd’s recipe uses ingredients that were readily available to shepherds to keep them warm through bitter winters.

They would use:

  • Guanciale or pancetta from their pigs,
  • Tomatoes and onions from the orchards,
  • Pecorino cheese made from sheep’s milk,
  • And fresh pasta made by their wives.

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Matcha Hot Cross Buns Recipe

This Matcha Hot Cross Buns Recipe fuses traditional Japanese flavours with the classic European Easter treat. With matcha green tea, sweet red beans and plenty of mixed spice, they’re the perfect sweet treat for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

Matcha Hot Cross Buns Recipe - Easter is here, so why not try Japanese style Hot Cross Buns? Fluffy, slightly sweet with a touch of spice and azuki beans. | wandercooks.com

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We’re on a pre-Easter high after sending out last week’s Koulourakia recipe – seems like you guys really enjoyed the chance to get creative with your baking!

We were chatting to our friend Joy over at Homestead Lovers earlier this week and told her all about our little experiments with sumac spice, which we used for a little citrus burst in our Koulourakia.

Joy was telling us all about the dehydrated citrus powders she’s created, and it got us thinking about how we could each mix our favourite flavours through old-fashioned/traditional Easter recipes.

One thing let to another, and we decided to hold our own little pre- Easter Challenge!

Below we’re sharing the results of our latest baking experiment for this moreish little Matcha Hot Cross Buns recipe, but don’t forget to check out Joy’s recipe for Hot ‘Pleased’ Buns recipe, which features zingy citrus powder and MACE. ❤️

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