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French Apple and Carrot Salad

Bite into a bowl of healthy, happy feels with this French Apple and Carrot Salad. Bursting with juicy goodness from apples, carrots and fresh cilantro, it’s deliciously easy to whip up as a quick snack or summery side dish.

French Apple and Carrot Salad - Sweet and savoury, this crunchy and healthy treat leaves you feeling so GOOD! Plus, who doesn't love dijon mustard? | wandercooks.com

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Apples and carrots aren’t usually the first ingredients that come to mind when dreaming about salads. But you know what?

They really should be.

Because there’s something special about these innocent little fruits and vegetables.

Something I like to call the CRUNCH FACTOR.

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Alex’s Mini Breakfast Quiches

Mini Breakfast Quiches are about to make your day. Baked to crispy golden perfection yet gorgeously soft and fluffy on the inside, these quick and easy mini quiches are packed with healthy veggies and crispy bacon for a super satisfying breakfast. 

French Mini Breakfast Quiches - A savoury delight that's SUPER fluffy and so SIMPLE. These crustless quiches are a fantastic healthy winter warmer. | wandercooks.com

Oh, breakfast. How we love you.

You’re always full of such delicious opportunity, whether we feel like something sweet and scrambled… packed with spicy flavoursatisfyingly fruity… or just plain fun

How anyone could skip this most glorious meal of the day is beyond me.

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French Zucchini Salad (Salade de Courgettes)

French Zucchini Salad (Salade de Courgettes) is a light, fresh and summery salad that makes for the perfect side dish.  Ribbons of zucchini meet with fresh mint, garlic and natural yoghurt in this super simple 5 minute recipe.

French Zucchini Salad (Salade de Courgette) - A light and fresh recipe, perfect for a summer's afternoon. Ready in 5 minutes, it's side dish perfectly matched to a heavy meal. Vegetarian | wandercooks.com

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Do you ever come across those recipes that just make you feel good?

Those that bring back memories of good times?

Of breathing in fresh country air, enjoying the warmth of the setting sun, of indulging in good food and good wine with new friends?

That is just what this quick and simple salad does for us.

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Honey Baked Camembert with Bacon and Rosemary

Mmm mmmm. Honey Baked Camembert with Bacon and Rosemary is the perfect appetizer or addition to a Sunday feast with friends. Even better, it’s super easy to make in minutes. Soft melty camembert cheese, crispy bacon and rosemary, drizzled in golden honey… this is real comfort food to the max!

Honey Baked Camembert with Bacon and Rosemary - What a recipe. This dish simply OOZES with a fantastic combination of honey and creamy cheesy camembert goodness. Add some salty bacon, and your friends will be DYING to know this quick and simple recipe. | wandercooks.com

This week is the first ever #CulinaryTravelWeek (18 – 24 January) and we’re super keen to be sharing one of our favourite memories from our wandering foodie adventure. A huge thanks to the awesome guys over at The Funnelogy Channel for having us on board.

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Cured Duck Breast and Ash Rolled Goat Cheese Salad

It was a bright sunny afternoon in Southern France, and we’d just escaped the bustling city of Bordeaux for an afternoon in the countryside. It was hot; so hot that the idea of cooking in the kitchen was way too much to contemplate. Kitchen gardens surrounded us, growing happily under the vines; all we needed was a little bit of inspiration to turn them into a feast and avoid the oven at all costs!

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