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Gyoza (Japanese Pork Dumplings)

This super tasty Japanese snack is packed with juicy minced pork and seriously tasty umami flavour. Steam fry your very own homemade Gyoza (Japanese Pork Dumplings) until crispy, chewy, golden brown and enjoy. Oh yeah!

Gyoza (Japanese Pork Dumplings) - A recipe guaranteed to win snack or dinner time. Filled with pork, cabbage and soy flavour just waiting to be dipped in a side of ponzu. Yum! | wandercooks.com

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So… we’ll let you in on a little secret.

We’re sorta, kinda, maybe just a little bit totally ADDICTED to dumplings.

Doesn’t even matter if they’re big or small, spicy Asian style or savoury European dumplings. We love them all.

But we especially love these funky little gyoza – aka Japanese Pork Dumplings.

I mean, just look at them… sitting here in all their crispy steam fried glory. Tell me you wouldn’t eat them all RIGHT NOW if you could.

Yeah. That’s what I thought. 😛

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12 Incredibly Healthy Recipes using Miso Paste… Including Dessert!

Have you ever wondered what to do with that leftover miso paste in the back of the fridge? Well now we’ve got you covered with some helpful info and tasty recipes to kick-start your kitchen adventures using this versatile ingredient.

12 Incredibly Heathly Recipes using Miso Paste...Including Dessert

Miso paste is a super popular and versatile Japanese ingredient made from fermented soybeans. It’s often used as a seasoning in traditional Japanese soups and marinades and is a great source of proteins and nutrients.

Everyone knows Miso Soup of course, but miso can be used in way more interesting ways than we first thought.

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Chunky Pumpkin Miso Soup with Tofu

Move aside Ramen, this homemade Chunky Pumpkin Miso Soup is ready to warm you up. The benefits of miso are HUGE, and with dashi, tofu and pumpkin, you’re set! This simple heart-warming dish is bursting with healthy goodness and intensely delicious flavour.

Chunky Pumpkin Miso Soup with Tofu - Move aside Ramen, this homemade miso recipe is ready to warm you up. The benefits of miso are HUGE. Don't miss out on these benefits with nutrient filled ingredients like pumpkin, tofu and of course - DASHI! Pescatarian. | wandercooks.com

Can I just say, we were NOT fans of the shivery 3am wake up this morning.


Flying into Fukuoka, bleary from lack of sleep, we looked out the airplane window over a city smothered under and piles and piles of glistening white snow. A finger-aching -2 degrees greeted us as we stepped outside the plane. 

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