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Pumpkin and Dukkah Salad

Colourful pumpkin, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach and cheese sprinkled with crunchy lemon & herb dukkah, pine nuts and tangy balsamic mustard dressing. This Pumpkin and Dukkah Salad is pure happiness in a bowl.

Pumpkin and Dukkah Salad - With a bed of spinach leaves, this salad just gets better as you top it with cheese, tomatoes, pine-nuts, pumpkin and dukkah. What a combo! It's the perfect side-dish or office lunch. Vegetarian. | wandercooks.com

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Before Wandercooks, before the blog… there were two curious foodies who loved experimenting in the kitchen.

(And eating the delicious results).

This same spirit of curiosity and discovery drives us even today, because having fun and experimenting in the kitchen is when real kitchen magic happens, don’t you think? 😉

So without further ado, let us present today’s quick and easy recipe for Pumpkin and Dukkah Salad, a Wandercooks creation based on curiosity and blending delicious, flavourful ingredients together to see what we can discover.

Let the magic begin!

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Lao Pumpkin Coconut Custard

Hailing from the mysterious countryside of Laos, Pumpkin Coconut Custard is pure sweet comfort food, Asian style. Soft, moist pumpkin is filled with creamy coconut custard then baked into sweet dessert deliciousness.

Lao Pumpkin Coconut Custard - Smooth and creamy, this is one savoury sweet dessert that's perfect for parties and foodsharing. Vegetarian. | wandercooks.com

Okay so I’m gonna straight up level with you.

We’d actually planned to share a different recipe today.

But you know what? To be totally honest, neither of us was feeling it.

We didn’t have that fire in our guts to share it with you – now, now NOW – the way we normally do.

And we think you deserve better than that.

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Chunky Pumpkin Miso Soup with Tofu

Move aside Ramen, this homemade Chunky Pumpkin Miso Soup is ready to warm you up. The benefits of miso are HUGE, and with dashi, tofu and pumpkin, you’re set! This simple heart-warming dish is bursting with healthy goodness and intensely delicious flavour.

Chunky Pumpkin Miso Soup with Tofu - Move aside Ramen, this homemade miso recipe is ready to warm you up. The benefits of miso are HUGE. Don't miss out on these benefits with nutrient filled ingredients like pumpkin, tofu and of course - DASHI! Pescatarian. | wandercooks.com

Can I just say, we were NOT fans of the shivery 3am wake up this morning.


Flying into Fukuoka, bleary from lack of sleep, we looked out the airplane window over a city smothered under and piles and piles of glistening white snow. A finger-aching -2 degrees greeted us as we stepped outside the plane. 

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