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Mexican Chicken Mole Recipe with Dark Chocolate

A scintillating blend of dark chocolate, red chilli and aromatic spices weave their magic in this Mexican Chicken Mole recipe that’s deliciously tender AND easy enough to prepare for a mid-week dinner. Let’s get started!

Simple Mexican Chicken Mole Recipe with Dark Chocolate - A rich, aromatic sauce with indulgent dark chocolate and exotic spices, paired with slow-cooked chicken and tortillas. It's a fiesta! | wandercooks.com

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Today we’re sharing a mouthwatering discovery known as Mexican Chicken Mole, which we first came across when a friend cooked it for us on New Year’s Eve.

We were camping out together, in tents and swags, sleeping under the stars, and it made us feel like we were travelling again.

Before the clock struck midnight and the fireworks crackled their way through the sky, we shared a Mexican-themed feast with everyone bringing a different dish to contribute.

The platters were piled high with nachos, tacos and refried beans aplenty, but it was this humble Mexican Chicken Mole that truly stole the show.

From that first bite of tender shredded chicken in rich, dark and spicy chocolate-infused sauce, we were totally hooked.

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Sara & Khlood’s Koshary Egyptian Lentil Pasta Rice

Koshary is a super satisfying Egyptian lentil, pasta and rice street food dish that’s ready and waiting to feed your soul. Bursting with Middle Eastern spices, it’s an aromatic meal that you’ll want to devour every day of the week.

Koshary Egyptian Lentil Pasta Rice - The satisfying street food that feeds your soul. Bursting with middle eastern spices, it's an aromatic meal that you'll want every day of the week. Vegetarian. | wandercooks.com

Hey guys, today we’re sharing a spicy little recipe widely considered to be the national dish of Egypt… so you can probably imagine our surprise when we discovered it in Japan. :O

Big thanks to the lovely Sara and Khlood, two incredible ladies from Cairo who were on a mission to study medicine in Osaka, for showing us this recipe.

Once they discovered our love for world food and new and exciting cuisines, they took some time out from their study to show us how to make their mothers’ favourite recipe for Koshary, aka Egyptian Lentil Rice Pasta.

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Red Bean Paste Rice Flour Dumplings (Anko Dango)

Sweet Red Bean Paste (Anko) is a hugely popular Japanese treat. Usually paired with delicious chewy Rice Flour Dumplings (Dango), you can also pop it on top of your favourite cakes or ice cream. Better yet, pair with matcha green tea ice cream for a truly Japanese experience.

Red Bean Paste with Rice Flour Dumplings (Anko Dango) - A deliciously sweet treat you'll find everywhere in Japan! This sweet red bean paste goes amazingly with soft chewy rice flour dumplings that are SO EASY to make. | wandercooks.com

Welcome to our second recipe for #CulinaryTravelWeek.

We’ve joined in with those awesome peeps at The Funnelogy Channel and some other amazing bloggers to celebrate all things food and travel by sharing our favourite recipes from the road.

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Mochi Recipe from the Streets of Kagoshima

The crowd parts to make way for the old man with the steaming tray of sticky rice and hands it to two young men holding massive wooden kine mallets. They throw the rice into the wooden usu mill and get to work, pounding the rice into a glutinous paste amongst a multitude of grunts and shouts. Still steaming, they slam it onto a tray and whisk it inside to be moulded into delicious mochi. The Mochitsuki had begun!

Wandering around a city with no set destination can sometimes lead to unexpected discoveries, especially if you skip the public transport and set out on foot. Not only do you get to enjoy some fresh air and hopefully sunshine, but you might also stumble across something you’d never have expected to see. We recently spent some time in the beautiful city of Kagoshima in southern Kyushu, Japan, which sits less that 5km from an incredibly beautiful (not to mention highly active) volcano called Sakurajima. Its streets are filled with quirky shops from fruit and vegetable sellers to second hand stores, and of course, many many hair salons as seems to be the thing in Japan.

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Simple Japanese Onigiri

Here’s a deliciously FUN recipe for Simple Japanese Onigiri rice ball snacks. They’re filling, healthy, super cute and a great way to save both time and money. Make onigiri in the morning for the perfect afternoon afternoon snack, assuming you can wait that long to eat them…

Simple Onigiri Rice Ball Snack - This FUN snack is great to make in the morning and take to work for lunch or afternoon snack. Eat by itself or dip it in some soy sauce. Vegetarian. | wandercooks.com

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We learnt this handy recipe at a sakura celebration in Miyoshi while wandering through Shikoku, Japan.  After spending the morning making udon noodles with our feet (yep), it sounded like the perfect way to escape the cold, blustery weather, and maybe even try some local Japanese food…

Funny how nobody mentioned the karaoke.

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