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Choo Chee Chicken Curry Recipe (Thai)

This Choo Chee Chicken recipe is for Adelaide’s beloved Thai dish. It’s super quick, packed with flavour and ready in 15mins. Thai red curry based, creamy coconut sauce, fragrant kaffir lime and crispy chicken – that’s Choo Chee Chicken curry. Ready to get started?

Choo Chee Chicken Curry Recipe (Thai) - A red curry based, creamy coconut sauce with fragrant kaffir lime and crispy chicken. So addictive, you'll want 10 plates. | wandercooks.com

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Are you ready to be just a teensy, weensy, little bit OBSESSED with Choo Chee Chicken Curry?

Because if you try this recipe, you totally will be. Like we totally are, and not just because it’s as fun to say as it is to eat. 😂

There’s just something about that glossy, spicy, coconut and red curry sauce infused with citrusy kaffir lime that will have you coming back for seconds.

(And thirds, and…)

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Beyond India: 13 Asian Curries To Rev Up Your Spice Addiction

With nights getting colder, it’s time to pull out the chilli and go curry-crazy – Asian style. Move aside India – it’s time to try the fiery delights of Japan, Laos, Myanmar and beyond. These 13 Asian curries are guaranteed to rev up your spice addiction!

Beyond India: 13 Asian Curries To Rev Up Your Spice Addiction

Despite today’s unreasonable 30 degree celcius day (what is going ON?), we’re starting to head into the colder months over here in Adelaide. Which means, it’s just about time to get stuck into some incredibly delicious and warming Asian curries. Rather than keep all these gorgeous flavours, colours and ingredients to ourselves we decided to give you some inspo and share a few of our favourites from around the globe.

So without further ado, let us present:

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Mango Coconut Sticky Rice

Beware this sweet and innocent looking Thai dessert. It’s chewy, it’s sweet, it’s just-a-little-bit-salty and it’s all deliciousness. You could say that Mango Coconut Sticky Rice is better than ice cream, better than cake and *gasp* better than chocolate. You’ve been warned.

Mango Coconut Sticky Rice - Pretty in pink! This EASY dessert is the perfect accomplice to your next party. Just don't eat it all before you arrive. Mmm sticky rice. Vegetarian | wandercooks.com

Don’t you hate it when you’re invited to a dinner party and you’re not sure what to bring? Or even worse, you know exactly what you want but you can’t find the ingredients? So frustrating!

That was our dilemma the other night when our friend Victoria invited us to come over for dinner in Siem Reap, Cambodia. But we couldn’t just rock up empty handed.

Dessert was the answer.

(It’s always the answer, amirite?) 

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Crispy Thai Spring Rolls

Holy spring rolls! Everyone’s eaten them, but have you ever tried to make your own? If not then you’re in luck, because these authentic Crispy Thai Spring Rolls are about to rock your world. So why are they so good?

Crispy Thai Spring Rolls - No more take-away, these EASY prep spring rolls are perfect for clearing out the fridge. Ready to crunch? Vegetarian. | wandercooks.com

Is it that crispy crunch? That amazing dipping sauce? That scrumptious filling that you know will be hot, that you know will burn your tongue on that very first bite, and that you somehow still can’t resist?

Oh yeah, that’s what we’re talking about.

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Authentic Panang Curry Paste

For the first time ever we learned how to make an Authentic Panang Curry Paste from scratch. From chopping the herbs to pounding the spices, the end result was so much better than pre-made pastes from the supermarket it blew our minds!

Authentic Panang Curry Paste - Noi from Chang Mai taught us the freshest, easiest, TASTIEST way to your very own Thai curry paste that you can freeze, so it's on hand when you need. | wandercooks.com

(Not to mention our noses and tastebuds haha)

One taste of that fragrant, spicy, peanut-y goodness, you’ll never want to buy a pre-made sauce again.

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