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How Far Do You Go For The Love Of Food?

Do you love to eat? Do you love to cook? Do you share your food, try new food or dream about food?  Just how far do you go for the love of food?

How Far Do You Go For The Love Of Food?

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Yaki Is The New Yum In Osaka

Yesterday was just the day we needed as we’re nearing the end of our wandering adventure: shopping, friends and amazing food that was yaki and yum all at the same time.

Yaki Is The New Yum In Osaka - Japanese Takoyaki Osaka

To the casual eye we might look like a couple of efficient travellers with our tiny backpacks. I’ve lost count of the times people have said variations of: ‘How can you possibly have everything you need for a year of travel in that?’


The increasing piles of boxes we’ve posted home tell a much different story.

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10 Months of Eating On The Road

As I sit here and write this we’re in a tiny windowless hotel room in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, the closest we could find to the airport  we’ll be flying out of tomorrow. It’s Christmas Eve and it’s now officially been 10 months since we left Australia on our culinary travel adventure…

10 Months Eating on the Road - An abandoned truck on the side of the road in Nong Khiaw, Laos.

We’re spending Christmas with our friends in Singapore and if I could put my excitement into words it would probably look something like:


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Time for Lime Lanta Thai Cooking Class

Heading to Thailand in the near future? There’s one thing you NEED to add to your itinerary, apart from copious amounts of cocktails next to the beach that is. Do yourself a favour and book into a Thai Cooking Class – your taste buds won’t know what hit ’em.

Time for Lime Lanta Thai Cooking Class - With Noi at the helm we learnt the roots of Thai cuisine. Simple, spicy and delicious meals from start to finish. | wandercooks.com

Yay Thailand! Just thinking about Thai cuisine is enough to make our mouths water, so now that we’ve arrived we’re ready to sink our teeth into all things nice and spice(y).

So we set ourselves a little mission:

1) Find a nice relaxing Thai island getaway, and
2) Learn as much as we can about Thai cuisine.

Welcome to Noi’s boot camp, aka Time for Lime Creative Thai Cooking Class, where there will be sweat, there will be tears… but no blood people, those knives are sharp!

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Street Wanders: Tantalising Thailand

It’s a big world out there people, and it turns out there’s more to see than just food! I know right? Shocked us too. 😛 Through the kitchens, past the restaurants and out onto the street, come with us on this incredible journey with our very first edition of Street Wanders: Tantalising Thailand.  

Tantalising Thailand. The lamp decorator. Travel Photography. Street Wanders.| wandercooks.com

After all, we wouldn’t be the Wandercooks without doing a little wandering of our own, would we?

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