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How to make Vietnamese Iced Coffee (cà phê sữa đá)

The best coffee in the world tastes like chocolate. Wait, what? Learn how to make Vietnamese Iced Coffee and enjoy this deliciously chocolatey, smooth and super addictive pick-me-up at home. It’s quick and easy to make and may just be the start of a whole new addiction. Oops?

How To Make Vietnamese Iced Coffee - Learn to make this velvety, chocolate-esque drink and get your caffeine fix for the day! | wandercooks.com

So yesterday was my birthday (yaaaay!) and of course, birthdays always demand a few cringeworthy photos don’t they?

I have to admit, I’m still immature enough to look forward to a day of getting spoilt. And there was so much spoiling going on. Not just for breakfast, but lunch and dinner too, plus a healthy dose of shopping, and some rare sunshine in the middle of winter.

As with any good birthday there were also a few glasses of bubbles last night (too many? neverrrr). So Sarah’s final birthday surprise was teaching me how to make Vietnamese Iced Coffee this morning.

Let me tell you, it was just what the doctor ordered.  😎

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Vietnamese Sweet and Sour Fried Wontons (Hoanh Thanh Chien)

Vietnamese Sweet and Sour Fried Wontons are a super delicious appetiser or snack that look super impressive but are super simple to make.

Vietnamese Sweet & Sour Fried Wontons (Hoanh Thanh Chien) - A crazy fusion recipe of Vietnamese and Chinese origins. These dumplings are crispy morsels waiting to be munched for lunch or dinner. So easy to make, what are you waiting for? | wandercooks.com

Sometimes, when it comes to dinner, one dish just isn’t enough.

Heck, sometimes one location for dinner isn’t enough.

And so, one hot and buzzing night in the port town of Hoi An, Vietnam, we decided a roaming dinner was the order of the day, err… night, and discovered a beloved local delicacy: Crispy, tasty and super moreish Vietnamese Fried Wontons.

Our lives have never been the same since, really.

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Beyond India: 13 Asian Curries To Rev Up Your Spice Addiction

With nights getting colder, it’s time to pull out the chilli and go curry-crazy – Asian style. Move aside India – it’s time to try the fiery delights of Japan, Laos, Myanmar and beyond. These 13 Asian curries are guaranteed to rev up your spice addiction!

Beyond India: 13 Asian Curries To Rev Up Your Spice Addiction

Despite today’s unreasonable 30 degree celcius day (what is going ON?), we’re starting to head into the colder months over here in Adelaide. Which means, it’s just about time to get stuck into some incredibly delicious and warming Asian curries. Rather than keep all these gorgeous flavours, colours and ingredients to ourselves we decided to give you some inspo and share a few of our favourites from around the globe.

So without further ado, let us present:

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Super Simple Saturday: Emerson’s Homemade Peanut Hoisin Dipping Sauce

Homemade is always better and this quick and easy dipping sauce is no exception. Plus, it’s full of sweet and salty flavour and the perfect peanut crunch. Dinner is about to get amazing, and in less than 5 minutes. What are you waiting for? This Homemade Peanut Hoisin Dipping Sauce is calling you!

Vietnamese Peanut Hoisin Dipping Sauce - A 5 minute side dish guaranteed to make your cold rolls HAPPY. Vegetarian. | wandercooks.com

Hello hello guys, hope you’re all having an amazing start to the weekend wherever you are. 🙂

The weather is fine here in Adelaide, and we’re about to get all dressed up (oh-my-god new clothes, nice clothes, how we’ve miiiiissssed you) and head over to Adelaide’s Cellar Door Wine Festival.

Yep. Good wines, good food, great company. It’s going to be an awesome day.

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Vietnam: Discover. Cook. Eat. Free eCookbook Is HERE

So guys as promised our FIRST EVER ecookbook is ALIVE and ready to kick start your Vietnamese cooking adventures. Vietnam: Discover. Cook. Eat. is available for instant download NOW. Get keeeeeen people!

Vietnam: Discover. Cook. Eat - An eBook of Vietnamese recipes packed with over 40 pages of damn TASTY goodness.

Da da da daaaaaa! Can we get a fireworks gif over here or something?
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