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10 Super Popular Australian Christmas Recipes

10/12/2019 (Last Updated: 05/08/2020)

Here’s 10 Super Popular Australian Christmas Recipes to spruce up the table for brunch, lunch or dinner. Plenty of ideas for the menu from modern Australian to classics like a Pavlova.

Round up image of 9 Australian Christmas Recipe dishes. Text reads "10 Super Popular Australian Christmas Recipes"

10 Super Popular Australian Christmas Recipes


1. Easy Australian Pavlova Recipe | Wandercooks

“This Easy Australian Pavlova Recipe is all about that crunchy, chewy meringue shell and soft, pillowy marshmallow centre, topped with lashings of sweet cream, fruit and topping ideas. And with KitchenAid’s new Artisan Mini Mixer, this easy pavlova recipe is ready in 2, 4, 6, 8!

Australian Pavlova Dessert Meringue on cake stand with hand sprinkling icing sugar over the top.


2. Cabbage and Crunchy Noodle Salad | Cook It Real Good

“This Cabbage and Crunchy Noodle Salad with an Oriental Style Dressing is a much-loved Aussie dish. It’s a real crowd pleaser and perfect for sharing at BBQs and potlucks.

Bowl of Chang's Noodle Salad.


3. Caramilk Christmas Slice | Cooking with Nana Ling

“In Australia, we enjoy golden sunshine and beach sand at Christmas rather than snow. So, let’s update the traditional White Christmas slice with something more appropriate – a golden Caramilk Christmas Slice.

Stack of Caramilk Christmas Slices on a cake stand.


4. Dukkah-crusted Mini Lamb Roast | Wandercooks

“A simple roast recipe that will leave you with juicy, tender spiced lamb, perfect for a modern Australian take on the classic lamb roast. With prep done in under 10 minutes, that’s a Christmas dinner winner in our books!

Dukkah-crusted Mini Lamb Roast Recipe - A simple, quick and easy roast that will leave you with tender spiced lamb, perfect for a winter night. |


5. Smoked Salmon Wreath | It’s Not Complicated Recipes

“This smoked salmon wreath is a quick, easy and elegant starter. As a result, it will make a stunning centrepiece for your festive table. For this lovely appetiser, smoked salmon is truly the star of the show. It is accompanied by thin slices of peppery radish, in addition to curls of cooling cucumber, finely sliced lemon, tangy caper berries, spring onion curls and wisps of dill.

Close up of a smoked salmon wreath.


6. Honey Glazed Roast Chicken | Hint of Healthy

“Honey glazed roast chicken with crispy, sweet skin and tender, juicy meat is the perfect Sunday roast dinner. This recipe is incredibly easy and yet so flavourful. The honey glaze will caramelise slightly in the oven, and gives the chicken skin a lovely crisp and a beautiful colour.

Whole roast chicken on bed of baby spinach.


7. Christmas Bread Wreath Filled With Cheese & Pesto | Marcellina in Cucina

“A pull apart Christmas Bread Wreath filled with oozing cheese and pesto will make a great centrepiece for your holiday table. Perfectly special for that potluck Christmas Dinner, or if you are having friends over for pre-Christmas drinks or a nibble during gift giving on Christmas Day, this Christmas Bread Wreath filled with Cheese and Pesto covers all occasions.

Christmas Bread Wreath with sauce in the middle.


8. Apple, Rocket & Pine Nut Salad | KJ’s Food Journal

“December is just around the corner and with that, Christmas! In Australia, that usually means a Christmas Lunch full of delicious and fresh food, including some delicious seafood and mouthwatering salads. Where I live, it’s usually 40°c and no one is in any hurry to be lining up for a steaming plate of boiling hot baked potatoes or roast veggies. No, we eat salad at Christmas. Cold, fresh salads.

Plate of apple, rocket and pine nut salad.


9. Australian Christmas Fairy Bread | Wandercooks

“Fairy Bread is Australia’s favourite Christmas snack for kids and nostalgic adults alike. Take a detour down memory lane with this bright and colourful Australian Christmas Fairy Bread. It’s fun, affordable, and easy to make with Santa’s little helpers.

Australian Christmas Fairy Bread - It's crunchy, it's creamy, it's fluffy and let's face it - it's the next best thing since sliced bread. Christmas themed & Vegetarian. |


10. Toblerone Cheesecake | Greedy Gourmet

“Who doesn’t love toblerone and cheesecake? Why not combine the two and make the ultimate dessert, toblerone cheesecake. This rich, chocolatey and crunchy cheesecake is just what you need for the holidays.

Plate with Toblerone Cheesecake.


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We wish you all a very Merry Christmas for the year ahead! If you’re looking through these recipes, you’re most likely hosting or cooking at least one dish – so have a tonne of fun in the kitchen with these new flavours!

Let us know how it turned out in the comments!


10 Super Popular Australian Christmas Recipes

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    18/12/2019 at 5:44 pm

    So many great recipes on this list! I’m especially loving the Glazed Chicken, Roast, and Bread! YUM!

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      Awesome Shanika!

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    18/12/2019 at 5:22 pm

    What a great roundup! I have my eye on the toblorone cheesecake!

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      That does sound super tasty!

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    I can’t wait to try the pavlova – so many fun ideas!

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    18/12/2019 at 4:17 pm

    I love this list! I would never of know these recipes were so popular! Loving the sound of the toblerone cheesecake! Sounds so good!

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      I’d love to try the cheesecake too!

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    18/12/2019 at 2:57 pm

    This is an amazing collection of recipes, and, being in Canada, it’s so interesting to see the different Christmas traditions between our countries. They all look so good!

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      Awesome, hope you enjoy Colleen!

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