21 Wickedly-Delicious Global Bites For The Adelaide Foodie

22/01/2016 (Last Updated: 14/01/2020)

Adelaide is BURSTING with amazing international eats. If you’re an Adelaide Foodie, check out this list of our FAVOURITE restaurants and eateries and get your fix of the good stuff. A whole world of food is waiting for you and it’s right here in our awesome city.

21 Wickedly-Delicious Global Bites For The Adelaide Foodie by Wandercooks

Happy Friday guys! Well it’s officially official – we’ve got just one month to go til we’re back home in Adelaide.

We’re getting just a teensy bit excited about heading home soon, especially when we started thinking about all the great food we can eat once we get there.

So we put together a little list of favourites to share the love with you, just in time for the weekend, so you can jump into some seriously good international feasting.

And, just quickly? After all this travelling we’re so impressed that our little city has such a diverse spread of amazing food from all corners of the world. Adelaide, you rock!

Now, this is a list of OUR favourites, the restaurants and eateries we head to with friends and family, and those with epic food that we just can’t get enough of. No doubt there are a bazillion more good spots out there that aren’t on this list.

Do you know of one? Then tell us! We want to check it out too.

Just a quick note: Heaps of these places get super busy, especially on the weekend, so if you’re keen to get your eats on be sure to drop them a line and book a table first.

You know, in case anyone back home wants to take us out to dinner when we get home… 😉

Now, are you ready for it?

21 Wickedly-Delicious Global Bites For The Adelaide Foodie



If you haven’t checked this place out yet, do yourself a favour and book in now – but come with a group so you can order heaps and try everything. The food here is to-die-for. As is the incredible homemade ice cream infused with pistachio and rose. Yes. You need this in your life.

21 Wickedly-Delicious Global Bites For The Adelaide Foodie - Parwana Afghan Restaurant

Must Try: Mantu / Kabuli Palaw / Rose Sharbat / Everything. Literally
Address: 124B Henley Beach Road, Torrensville SA 5031
Phone: 08 8443 9001


Lickerish Kitchen & Bar

21 Wickedly-Delicious Global Bites For The Adelaide Foodie - Lickerish Australian Restaurant

The guys at Lickerish are super creative and love what they do – and it shows in their funky menu options which constantly change depending on the seasons (and their whims). This is our favourite spot for a special meal with friends and family, and we always leave it up to Justine to create an awesome menu just for us.


Must Try: Baba Ganoush / Beef Burger with Brie / Crispy Duck Breast Salad
Where: 26 Semaphore Road, Semaphore SA 5019
Book: 08 8242 5503


Belgian Beer Café – Oostende

Can’t wait to get back here and drink our way through the amazing Belgian beers the minute we get home. These guys do amazing Belgian food as well, from humungous German hotdogs to huge pots of mussels dressed up with a French Flair. Get hungry people.

21 Wickedly-Delicious Global Bites For The Adelaide Foodie - Belgian Beer Cafe Oostende German Restaurant

Photo courtesy of Belgian Beer Cafe Oostende.

Must Try: Pommes Frites with Belgian Mayo / Bratwurst Slider / Elderflower Beer
Where: Ebenezer Place, Adelaide SA 5000
Book: 08 8359 3400



We’re not going to lie. You’re going to eat heaps here, and you’re not gonna wanna stop. Come with a group, ask for the meat and veggie combos, and scoff everything by ripping up pieces of soft fluffy injera bread to scoop up the deliciousness. We love how the meat and veggie dishes are served on top of the huge round injera to soak up all that extra flavour.

21 Wickedly-Delicious Global Bites For The Adelaide Foodie - Abyssinian Ethiopian Restaurant.

Image courtesy of Abyssinian.

Must Try: Kay Wot / Doro Wot / Messer / Tikli Gomen
Where: 126 Henley Beach Road, Torrensville SA 5031
Book: 08 8443 4300

Tana Café & Restaurant

The awesome guys at Tana Café dish up incredible East African cuisine but that’s not the only reason we love them. Take the time to chat and you may just be invited to a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony, where raw green beans are roasted over coals before been ground up and brewed in an authentic Ethiopian coffee pot. Sit together and chat over three cups of coffee (one bitter, one medium, and one sweet) with fresh hot popcorn and awesome conversation.

21 Wickedly-Delicious Global Bites For The Adelaide Foodie - Tana Cafe Ethiopian Restaurant

Must Try: Meat & Vegetarian Platters / Ethiopian Coffee and Popcorn
Where: 119/121 Grange Road, Allenby Gardens SA 5009
Book: 08 8340 0093


Cliché Exhibition

Part restaurant – part art exhibition, we love Cliché for its amazing food, super cool cocktails and chilled atmosphere. We had the best French mussels of our lives here, followed by slow cooked beef cheek and salmon with swiss chard, topped off with the most amazing lemon curd soufflé. Yes we were full. But no, there was NO WAY we were leaving a single bite of that soufflé behind. The extra glass of champagne though? That may have been a bit too much… 😉

21 Wickedly-Delicious Global Bites For The Adelaide Foodie - Cliche Exhibition French Restauarant

Must Try: Crepes Aux Langoustines / Champignon Delicieux / Post Modern Duck A L’Orange
Where: 26 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide SA 5006
Book: 08 8267 4083


The Hahndorf Inn

Long tables and huge steins abound in this lively beer haus in the middle of Hahndorf. I know we keep saying this – but you NEED to come hungry with an empty stomach, because you won’t want to leave one scrap of sauerkraut on that plate before you leave. And if you dare to attempt the Metre Long Riesen Hot Dog (aka the largest German hot dog in Australia)? We salute you!

21 Wickedly-Delicious Global Bites For The Adelaide Foodie - Hahndorf Inn German Restaurant

Photo courtesy of Hahndorf Inn

Must Try: Pretzel / Taste of Germany Platter with Sausages & Pork Knuckle / Riesen Hot Dog
Where: 35 Mount Barker Road, Hahndorf SA 5245
Book: 08 8388 7063


Greek Kouzina – update: Now Closed! 🙁



Hut & Soul Eatery (Formerly Pondok Bali)

It’s been many years since we last went to Pondok Bali so this one is on OUR must-do list for 2016. You’ll want to save room for dessert here and order the green pandan cake, there’s nothing like a GREEN pancake stuffed with sweet crunchy coconut shavings to finish of a meal juuuuust right.

21 Wickedly-Delicious Global Bites For The Adelaide Foodie - Hut and Soul Indonesian Restaurant

Photo courtesy of Hut and Soul.

Must Try: Chicken Satay / Murtabak / Beef Rendang / Green Pandan Cake
Where: 310 Pulteney Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Book: 08 8232 0588


Indian Temptations

This place is the real deal people. The restaurant itself is teeny tiny, so this one is best reserved for a no-fuss take-away after a busy day. Literally everything we’ve tried from here has been amazing, so we’ll be hitting this one up again as soon as we can.

21 Wickedly-Delicious Global Bites For The Adelaide Foodie - Indian Temptations

Photo courtesy of CYS at Zomato.

Must Try: Chicken Tikka Masasla (Laura’s Favourite) / Goat Curry (Sarah’s Favourite)
Where: U3/490 Main North Road, Blair Athol SA 5084
Order: 08 8260 5757


Andre’s Cucina & Polenta Bar

Alright here’s what you need to do: Book yourself a table and ask for the ‘Menu Fisso’ – it’s not just a menu, it’s an Italian FEAST. Every single offering is so unbelievably good and absolutely worth the price tag of $62 per person. To list our favourites would be to list everything they serve up under Menu Fisso, but if beef carpaccio drizzled in olive oil and balsamic vinegar, soft and tender carne (steak), crispy handcut potatoes, fried polenta chips and homemade pasta sets your mouth watering, then what are you waiting for?

21 Wickedly-Delicious Global Bites For The Adelaide Foodie - Andres Cucina Italian Restaurant

Photo courtesy of Andres Cucina.

Must Try: Menu Fisso – to the very last bite.
Where: 94 Frome Street, East End, Adelaide SA 5000
Book: 08 8224 0004


Ajisen Ramen

This Japanese chain offers all our favourites – tori karaage (crispy fried chicken), gyoza (dumplings), enoki beef rolls and massive bowls of steaming hot ramen. These delicious noodle soups come in all varieties but we can never go past the thinly sliced pork version that reminds us of our favourite ramen place in Osaka. And let’s not forget the huuuge glasses of umeshu over ice. (Do it.)

21 Wickedly-Delicious Global Bites For The Adelaide Foodie - Ajisen Ramen Japanese Restaurant

Photo courtesy of Ajisen Ramen.

Must Try: Everything listed above and anything else that takes your fancy. How hungry are you?
Where: Leigh Street ~OR~ 35 Regent Arcade, Adelaide SA 5000
Book: 08 8410 2088 ~OR~ 08 8232 9368


Lawash Bakery

Oh my god Lawash. We cannot rave about this place enough. You NEED to go there and you NEED to try the chargrilled chicken and/or lamb kebabs – AMAZING. Afterwards, spoil yourself with some of their incredible Middle Eastern desserts. Be prepared for a big line up sometimes as this place gets busy, and deservedly so. Literally drooling as I type. Only 1 month to go til we can get our hands on one of these again. Yessssss.

21 Wickedly-Delicious Global Bites For The Adelaide Foodie - Lawash Bakery Lebanese Restaurant

Photo courtesy of Yin Yin Ow at WeekendNotes.

Must Try: Mixed Chicken & Lamb Kebab / Pistachio Baklava
Where: 08 8354 0707
Book: 115 South Road, Thebarton SA 5031


Mamak Corner

Malay food is the BEST and so is Mamak Corner. Plus it’s ridiculously cheap. This tiny little place serves up steaming hot mugs of our favourite frothy teh tarik (Malay ‘pulled tea’) – essential. Don’t forget a big plate of crispy fried mee goreng, bowls of chicken, beef or veg curry, and a plate of handmade roti with sweet curry sauces and sugar – it’s our standard order pretty much every time we go there. And you can’t forget the Cendol (pronounced CHendol) for a creamy, beany dessert that’s a perfect way to cool down on a hot summer’s day.

21 Wickedly-Delicious Global Bites For The Adelaide Foodie - Mamak Corner Malasian Restaurant

Photo courtesy of Mamak corner.

Must Try: Mee Goreng / Roti Canai / Nasi Lemak / Cendol
Where: 8 Bank Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Book: 08 8310 9888


Viva Zapata! Mexican Cantina

Set inside a former police station (including lock-up!) on Semaphore Road, this place is full of Mexican charm – and wicked Mexican food. There’s plenty of it on their menu too, but for some reason we just can’t go past a big bowl of nachos. Or rather, the half size bowl, which is waaaaay big enough for the both of us. And boy do these guys know how to make nachos. You’ll get more salsa, guacamole and sour cream that you can point a chip at, and enough cheese to glue it all together (one nacho rule amirite?).

21 Wickedly-Delicious Global Bites For The Adelaide Foodie - Viva Zapata Mexican Cantina

Must Try: Chicken Flautas / Chimichanga / El Bandido / Nachos
Where: 6 Semaphore Road, Semaphore SA 5019
Book: 08 8242 2525


Star of Siam

Smack bang in the CBD across from the Adelaide Central Market, Star of Siam dishes up some of our all-time favourite Thai dishes. I’m pretty sure we order drunken noodles, soft shell crab and choo chee chicken literally every time we visit – we just can’t get enough. This food is made to share so bring a big group, order up and dig in.

21 Wickedly-Delicious Global Bites For The Adelaide Foodie - Star Of Siam Thai Restaurant

Photo courtesy of Star of Siam.

Must Try: Sea Star / Pla Beef / Choo Chee Chicken / Drunken Noodles
Where: 67 Gouger Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Book: 08 8231 3527

Yum Yai Thai Kitchen

En-thai-cing food that packs a real punch, we love Yum Yai for their delicious food and awesome service, and for cranking up the spice when we asked for it – yesss! Pandan chicken is our Number 1 favourite here, dished up crispy fried and wrapped in an aromatic pandan leaf. We also can’t go past the fish cakes dipped in sweet and sour sauce, and of course the famous pad thai noodles.

21 Wickedly-Delicious Global Bites For The Adelaide Foodie - Yum Yai Thai Restaurant

Must Try: Pandan Chicken / Fish Cakes / Pad Kra Prao / Khao Neaw Sang-Khaya
Where: 176 Henley Beach Road, Torrensville, SA 5031
Book: 08 8152 0404


Villa 77

Tucked inside a cosy villa on Unley Road, we love this place for its massive plates of Spanish tapas, ginormous servings of homemade paella, and delectable jugs of red and white sangria. If we absolutely had to name a favourite tapa it would probably be the patata bravas, but a better plan is to bring your friends and try a bit of everything.

21 Wickedly-Delicious Global Bites For The Adelaide Foodie - Villa 77 Spanish Restaurant

Must Try: Patata Bravas / Gambas al Ajillo / Paella de Verduras
Where: 77 Unley Road, Parkside SA 5063
Book: 08 7230 2666


Swedish Tarts Patisserie

Traditional and fusion Swedish and Scandinavian treats abound in this patisserie + coffee shop on Semaphore Road (now also in Henley Beach and Findon). We love (and miss) their all day breakfasts and organic coffee, but you can’t go past a healthy filling flatbread or salad for lunch, topped off with a decadent sweet dessert.

21 Wickedly-Delicious Global Bites For The Adelaide Foodie - Swedish Tarts

Must Try: Swedish Smoked Salmon Flatbread / Swedish Crepes / Swedish & Scandinavian Cakes
Where: 40 Semaphore Road, Semaphore SA 5019 (see their website for locations in Henley Beach and Findon)
Book: 08 7225 0205


Little NNQ

Our favourite Vietnamese restaurant in town was once located in the backstreets off Hanson Road, but has shifted to a shiny new location in the city. We’ll be hitting them up when we get back for their crispy fried salt and pepper quail, plates of grilled pork on broken rice and our all-time favourite vermicelli salad with chopped up spring rolls doused in sweet and sour sauce. Yum!

21 Wickedly-Delicious Global Bites For The Adelaide Foodie - Little NNQ Vietnamese Restaurant

Photo courtesy of Little NNQ.

Must Try: Ha Noi Pho / Rice with Pork Chops / Roll Your Own Cold Rolls / Grilled Scallops
Where: 125 Gouger Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Book: 08 8211 8558

Sit Lo

Named for the bicycle taxis so common in Vietnam, this tiny hole in the wall serves up the best baos and banh mi in town. Deliciously soft steam buns or Vietnamese rolls, wrapped around your favourite fillings like crispy skin pork belly, soft shell crab and nem nuong (grilled pork). They’re so tasty we usually order a stack and split them to share.  Sit Lo is a fusion of Vietnamese flavours dished up Adelaide street style. Pick your dish, add some homemade lotus chips and you’re good to go.

21 Wickedly-Delicious Global Bites For The Adelaide Foodie - Sit Lo Vietnamese Restaurant

Must Try: Pork Belly Banh Mi / Soft Shell Crab Bao / Tofu & Shiitake Mushroom Noodle Bowl
Where: 30 Bank Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Book: 0459 659 481

So guys, are you hungry yet? Which of these awesome International Eats will you hit up first? Get on it!

If you have Instagram and love world eats, check out what foodie finds we have on our Instagram @wandercooks.


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