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Have the right tools and support system with these tried and tested food blogger resources. From recommended service providers in the industry to courses and books that are ready to help you go full time with your food blog!

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Food Blog Service Providers

Website and Technical Support

SEO Support

Premium Hosting

Ad Networks

  • Ezoic – (10,000+ monthly sessions req) Great for food bloggers wanting to try out monetising their site but haven’t reached the minimums for Mediavine or AdThrive.
  • Mediavine – (50,000+ monthly sessions req) Very popular amongst food bloggers.
  • Raptive – (100,000+ monthly pageviews req) Great for larger blogs, Raptive (formerly AdThrive) works especially well for those with majority US traffic. We’ve been with AdThrive now for 5 years, and have loved the transition from Mediavine.

Blogging Courses

All Round Food Blogging


SEO and Keyword Research

Google Analytics

Epic Food Blog Resource Bundle

Introducing our epic eBook courses designed specifically for food bloggersby food bloggers!

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Eat Your Words: Easy Keyword Research Served Up for Food Bloggers

Our aim is to have keyword research come to you as easily and naturally as putting together a recipe. Learn about our processes with case studies, tips, tricks and our simple system so you know exactly what you need to do when it comes to finding the right keyword(s) for your blog.

Unscramble Your Stats book mock up on an angle.

Unscramble Your Stats: Learn Google Analytics for Food Bloggers

Harness your analytics and make informed decisions to improve your traffic and reader experience. Learn everything you need to know about Universal Analytics and GA4 tailored specifically for food blogs!

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Blogging and Business

Books, Podcasts and Videos





Food Blogging Support Groups and Networks

Wandercooks’ Blogging Posts

Learn all things food blogging from the software we use to how we make our income and more!

Latest Posts

Key Takeaways from Other Food Bloggers

Don’t get frustrated when things don’t happen overnight – blogging is a long-term game, and you must be patient! Also – get started earlier. I don’t believe in having regrets, but it can be difficult to not wonder why I didn’t start a blog years ago when I first thought of it!

Alex, It’s Not Complicated Recipes

My biggest traffic referrer is Google. Even with nearly 700K followers on Facebook, 100K on Instagram, I would say that 80% of my blog traffic comes from Google.

Lisa, Fresh Eggs Daily

I finally started really asking myself why I was doing certain things and if they were serving my goals for my business. For instance, I used to be obsessed with keeping my Instagram feed looking beautiful and curated. Why? Because that’s what everyone would say you needed to do to be successful and have a lot of followers. It really stressed me out, because photography is not my passion and I just don’t want to spend a lot of my limited time focusing on taking images. 

Kristin, Baker Bettie

(On going full time) My BFF told me “if it was a good decision for your family at the time, it’s still a good decision for your family.” If you’ve put thought into your decision, there was a reason for it. Trust your gut, don’t burn any bridges on your way out of your former job, and take the plunge.

Lynn, Fresh April Flours
Food Blogger Resources - Tools to Run Your Blog Full Time