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10 Must Know Recipes For the Remoska Tria Multi Cooker


Discover the versatility of cooking with a Remoska with these 10 Must Know Recipes for the Remoska Tria! Learn to cook bread, stews, sauces and more!

Cooking campfire stew over gas in Remoska tria cooker.

What is a Remoska Cooker?

The Remoska Tria is a portable non-stick multicooker that can be used on the stove (gas, induction and electric), in the oven (up to 220˚C / 428˚F) and on portable cookers as well. It’s great for caravanning and picnics, and you can use it to cook just about anything, anywhere.

Why We Love It:

The Remoska Tria is such a versatile multi cooker. We travel a lot, and love being able to take this with us whether we’re camping, staying at an AirBnB or taking a big curry around to Mum and Dad’s on a Sunday night.

The high sides of the pot means you can fry onion and meat straight over the gas cooker like a frying pan, but without the fat spitting everywhere! We also love using it as a second cooker while we have a few dishes on the go, because we can have it set up anywhere.

One weekend away, the pots and pans were in terrible condition where we were staying, so we ended up using the Remoska for every single meal. From bacon and eggs for breakfast, pizza from scratch for lunch and damper and stew for dinner. It ended up being an absolute lifesaver!

Why Cook In a Remoska?

We love cooking in the Remoska because:

  • It’s Non-Stick – Which means it’s so easy to cook with and super easy to clean. Look after it and it will look after you for many years to come.
  • It’s a Minimalist’s Dream – We love the minimalist aesthetic and the one-button baking lid means it’s very simple to operate. It works well not just as a deep saucepan but even as a frying pan, not to mention a portable oven.
  • It’s a Backup Oven – Perfect for when your oven is already being used for something else. You could be baking a mini pavlova in the Remoska while cooking Italian roast chicken in the oven – or vice versa!

How to Use Each Remoska Tria Lid

Each lid can be used for its own specific purpose, but the magic really happens when you can use multiple lids and cooking methods in one pot.

For example:

  • Make the sauce for a pasta bake in the Remoska with the regular lid.
  • Cook the pasta in the sauce using the soft pressure lid.
  • Top with cheese then finish it off with the baking lid – no need to transfer to a separate baking dish!
Cooking campfire stew in remoska with standard lid.

Regular Lid

Use this lid for recipes that require boiling, steaming or lightly covering the food as it cooks. It’s perfect for pasta sauces, curries, casseroles. It’s lightweight compared to most other frying pan or saucepan lids which makes it so much easier to use and clean. You can also safely use the regular lid in the oven.

Remoska multicooker with soft-pressure lid.

Soft Pressure Lid

This lid is perfect for recipes that you’d normally need a slow-cooker or pressure cooker for, such as soups, stews and goulash. Cooking with this lid also helps to retain the nutrients in your food. Unlike a regular pressure cooker, you can open and close the soft-pressure lid with one hand.

Remoska with baking lid attached.

Baking Lid

Place it on the pot, plug it in and switch it on – that’s pretty much it! The heating lid will reach temperatures of around 160-180˚C / 320-356˚F while using a fraction of the energy of a regular oven. Once you’ve finished cooking, you can flip the lid over and rest it on the in-built stand to cool down.


Should I preheat the Remoska when baking?

No, you shouldn’t preheat the Remoska while empty as it can damage the non-stick coating.

Do I need to line it with baking paper or aluminum foil?

Since the non-stick coating is so good, there’s no real need to line the dish before cooking or baking.
However, you can use aluminium foil to partition the food and cook multiple parts of the meal at once (for example roast meat and baked veggies).

Where can I buy Remoska in Australia?

The Remoska Tria is available direct from the Remoska website.

10 Must Know Recipes For the Remoska

These recipes have either been created specifically for the Remoska Tria, or can be cooked perfectly in the multi-cooker with a few tweaks.

Using the Regular Lid

Sausage and bean casserole in Remoska with wooden ladle.
Best Campfire Stew – Sausage and Bean Casserole
This is the easiest Sausage and Bean Casserole you'll make! The best campfire stew that cooks itself, straight over coals or gas, with simple and adaptable camping ingredients. Just add damper!
Click for Best Campfire Stew – Sausage and Bean Casserole
Chunky Nyonya chicken curry in a blue bowl.
Easy Nyonya Chicken Curry
A creamy coconut base wraps around aromatic curry leaves, kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass in this fragrant Nyonya Chicken Curry. Packed full of tingling spice with just the right amount of heat!
Click for Easy Nyonya Chicken Curry
Close up shot of a pasta bake garnished with fresh oregano.
Pasta Al Forno – Italian Pasta Bake
The amazing OG pasta bake! Pasta al Forno is baked pasta, made the Italian way. The rich ragu meat sauce and rigatoni combo is guaranteed to bring the whole family together.
Click for Pasta Al Forno – Italian Pasta Bake

Using the Baking Lid

Fresh damper bread on a blue and white plate.
5 Ingredient Australian Damper Recipe
Damper is such an iconic Australian camping bread, and this easy recipe only needs 5 ingredients. Break apart the crumbly crust and slather it in butter.
Click for 5 Ingredient Australian Damper Recipe
Freshly baked bread slices on a wooden board.
No Knead Bread in the Remoska
This No Knead Bread baked in a Remoska Tria is so easy to make that can be prepared anywhere, from your caravan to your camping site!
Click for No Knead Bread in the Remoska
Close up of a margherita pizza.
No Knead Italian Pizza Dough Recipe
Get ready to make your own Italian pizza dough with this recipe straight from the heart of Naples. Only 10 minutes prep time with the hardest part just waiting for the dough to rise and cook. Includes quick rise option if you just can't wait!
Click for No Knead Italian Pizza Dough Recipe
Top down view of freshly baked cinnamon scrolls sitting in a Remoska cooker.
Cinnamon Rolls in the Remoska
These Classic Cinnamon Rolls baked in the Remoska are deliciously light, fluffy and spicy – perfect for breakfast or a sweet treat!
Click for Cinnamon Rolls in the Remoska
Banana bread cake decorated with cream cheese frosting and caramelised banana
Banana Bread Cake in the Remoska
This Banana Bread Cake baked in the Remoska Tria makes a delicious afternoon tea cake or every day dessert that can be baked from anywhere!
Click for Banana Bread Cake in the Remoska
Slicing into a roast chicken with crispy skin.
Crispy Italian Roast Chicken And Potatoes
Cook super juicy and tender Italian roast chicken and potatoes with no oil at all! It's dry roasted in the oven to perfection, leaving you with the ultimate crispy skin. It's the set and forget roast dinner recipe you've been looking for.
Click for Crispy Italian Roast Chicken And Potatoes

Using the Soft Pressure Lid

Beef Ragù Pappardelle Recipe
This slow cooked pull apart tender beef ragù sauce with pappardelle is the perfect flavour explosion weekend recipe for you to try in cooler months.
Click for Beef Ragù Pappardelle Recipe

★ Did you make one or more of these tasty recipes in the Remoska? Let us know how it turned out in the comments below!

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