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Recipes/ Salad/ Side Dish

Shopska Salad – Easy Bulgarian Summer Salad Recipe

26/05/2016 (Last Updated: 25/07/2019)

Only three main ingredients are needed for this super quick and refreshing Bulgarian Shopska Salad. Tomato, cucumber and Bulgarian feta or sirene cheese. Are you ready for the easiest, coolest, tastiest three ingredient salad in the world? 

Shopska salad in a bowl sprinkled with freshly grated feta.

Why We Love This Recipe

  • Full of juicy tomatoes and crunchy cucumber, Shopska salad is not only refreshing but super quick to prepare. That makes it perfect as a light lunch or colourful side dish for barbecues, potlucks and other gatherings. 
  • It’s also a budget-friendly dish, transforming low cost everyday ingredients into addictive summer salad you’ll love to share with friends and family. 

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Dessert/ Recipes/ Snack

Spiced Apple Cinnamon Sumac Cake

15/03/2016 (Last Updated: 10/01/2020)

Inspired by a Bulgarian dessert, this Spiced Apple Cinnamon Sumac Cake features Sumac, a tangy Middle Eastern spice alongside crunchy apples and subtle cinnamon for a  sweet baked treat that you most definitely will not want to share.

Spiced Apple Cinnamon Sumac Cake - Inspired by a Bulgarian dessert, sumac and apple are the PERFECT pair in this sweet baked treat. Vegetarian. |

Good morning guys, how was your weekend? Adelaide had the good fortune of a lovely three day weekend, which was spectacularly good timing for us to get the house sorted.

I think we’ve moved around 75% of our stuff now, and just being able to spend the last few nights at home, waking up in our own bed, was an absolute treat.

I know that sounds a bit silly. But you guys know how long we’ve been waiting for this! 😛

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5 Minute Recipes/ Recipes/ Salad

Easy White Bean Salad

05/03/2016 (Last Updated: 31/10/2019)

Feeling hungry? Looking for a quick snack that’s easy to make yet full of nutrients and protein? This Easy White Bean Salad is the answer. It’s a deliciously savoury 5 minute treat that won’t leave you feeling guilty.

Super Simple Saturday: Easy White Bean Salad - Beans just got cool with this 5 minute SUPER healthy salad. Perfect for a quick side dish or a simple light lunch. Vegetarian. Vegan. |

Since we got home last week we’ve been gradually settling into the routines of a non-travelling life.

There’ve been those pesky bills to pay, those appointments with doctors and dentists to schedule, and all the other niggly things you forget actually exist when travelling for a long period of time.

So to perk us up in the middle of yesterday’s Day of Gettin’ Things DONE we needed a quick and easy dish to tide us over for lunch.

Cue this addictive Easy White Bean Salad.

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