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Sate Lilit – Balinese Minced Pork Satays

22/06/2017 (Last Updated: 19/02/2020)

Introducing Sate Lilit: These bite-sized Balinese morsels are going to change your life. Made with minced pork (or tuna or chicken), these easy Balinese Satays are packed with a mouthwatering Balinese spice paste known as Basa Genap. If you’re ready to head on over to FLAVOUR TOWN, read on!

Sate Lilit - Balinese Minced Port Satays - These bite-sized Balinese morsels are going to change your life. Made with minced pork (or tuna or chicken), these easy Balinese Satays are packed with mouthwatering basa genap.

If you’re a regular reader of Wandercooks you’ll know we’ve just returned from an edible adventure through Bali. Safe to say we’re still on a foodie high after those 12 epic days of binging on as much street food as we could handle, so we couldn’t resist sharing another tasty Balinese discovery.

Without further ado, enter Sate Lilit. 

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Chef Lole’s Balinese Spice Paste Recipe – Basa Genap

15/06/2017 (Last Updated: 29/10/2019)

Ever wondered how Balinese recipes have so much flavour? Well, it has a little something to do with a magic spice blend known as Basa Genap (aka Bumbu Bali or Balinese Spice Paste). Filled with freshly ground herbs and spices, chilli, lemongrass and garlic, this Balinese Spice Paste recipe is ready to heat up your kitchen, Indonesian style.

Chef Lole's Balinese Spice Paste (Basa Genap) - An easy and delicious paste from simple Indonesian ingredients. Perfect for curries, soups and satay. |

Guys, I know we’ve been a little quiet lately, but I swear we have a good excuse! 

We’ve just come back from a brand new edible adventure, this time through the island of Bali, Indonesia.

Our mission?

To dig deep and discover as many traditional dishes as we could possibly eat over 12 delicious days.

On foot we explored the  regions of Legian, Tabanan, Ubud and Seminyak, discovering busy morning markets (pasar pagi) tucked away in the back streets, and unveiling a world of fresh vegetables, tropical fruits and fragrant spices just waiting to be cooked.

We found street food vendors galore, dishing up daily offerings of Indonesian goodies like bakso (meatball soup) and gado-gado (blanched vegetable salad with yummy peanut sauce).

With every new discovery, our curiosity just kept growing…

What more deliciousness could Bali possibly have in store?

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Simple Sambal Telur – Eggs in Spicy Sambal Sauce

04/05/2017 (Last Updated: 26/02/2020)

If you’ve never tried Sambal Telur (Boiled Eggs in Spicy Sambal Sauce) before, this South East Asian side dish is going to blow your tastebuds out of the water. Think the satisfying goodness of hardboiled eggs paired with the fiery heat of spicy Indonesian sambal sauce.  It’s time to get cooking so let’s crank up the heat!

Simple Sambal Telur (Eggs in Spicy Sambal Sauce) Recipe - The satisfying goodness of hard-boiled eggs paired with the fiery heat of spicy Indonesian sambal sauce. |

(In a rush? Click here to jump straight to the recipe!)

Do you love spicy South East Asian cuisine?

Addicted to that hot chilli burn?

Then this recipe for Indonesian style eggs in spicy chilli sauce (sambal telur) is for you, my friend!

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Bakwan Jagung – Indonesian Corn Fritters

01/09/2016 (Last Updated: 06/03/2020)

Let’s learn how to make Indonesian Corn Fritters! Known in Indonesian as bakwan jagung or perkedel jagung – they’re surprisingly easy to make with everyday ingredients. Packed with juicy corn kernels and zingy flavour from kaffir lime and ground spices, these Indonesian corn fritters are crispy, crunchy, and totally addictive! Includes three bonus delicious dipping sauce ideas. 

A stack of fried corn fritters known as bakwan jagung

Why We Love This Recipe

  • Bakwan jagung corn fritters are a beloved street snack in Indonesia, but they’re actually super easy to whip up at home.
  • This generous recipe will make enough Indonesian corn fritters to feed a horde of hungry foodies! Even better, any leftover corn fritters can be frozen and re-heated for another delicious fritter feast. 

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Creamy Indonesian Curry with Fish (Kari Ikan) + Free Meal Planner

03/05/2016 (Last Updated: 05/07/2019)

Indonesian Curry with Fish (Kari Ikan). Creamy coconut, tangy lemongrass and tender white fish in a vibrant yellow Indonesian curry sauce. Delicately spiced and gorgeously aromatic, this is the winter curry winner in our books!

Creamy Indonesian Curry with Fish (Kari Ikan) - Creamy coconut, tangy lemongrass and tender white fish. Delicately spiced, this aromatic recipe is a winter curry winner. |

Waaah. How did life become so busy? It feels like weekdays slip through our fingers and weekends come and go in the blink of an eye.

And we don’t like it! 😛

We’ve been so busy lately that we’re even struggling to find time to cook, which is REALLY SAD for a couple of food addicted bloggers.

So how do we keep our schedules running and our tummies full at the same time?

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Beyond India: 13 Asian Curries To Rev Up Your Spice Addiction

19/04/2016 (Last Updated: 31/10/2019)

With nights getting colder, it’s time to pull out the chilli and go curry-crazy – Asian style. Move aside India – it’s time to try the fiery delights of Japan, Laos, Myanmar and beyond. These 13 Asian curries are guaranteed to rev up your spice addiction!

Beyond India: 13 Asian Curries To Rev Up Your Spice Addiction

Despite today’s unreasonable 30 degree celcius day (what is going ON?), we’re starting to head into the colder months over here in Adelaide. Which means, it’s just about time to get stuck into some incredibly delicious and warming Asian curries. Rather than keep all these gorgeous flavours, colours and ingredients to ourselves we decided to give you some inspo and share a few of our favourites from around the globe.

So without further ado, let us present:

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Indonesian Gado Gado Salad with Spicy Peanut Sauce

22/03/2016 (Last Updated: 14/01/2020)

Take your taste buds on a Southeast Asian adventure with this crispy, crunchy, and oh-so-satisfying, Indonesian Gado Gado Salad with Spicy Peanut Sauce. It’s a deliciously cooling salad for a hot summer’s day, packed with healthy nutrients, protein and incredible spicy peanut flavour.

Indonesian Gado Gado Salad with Spicy Peanut Sauce - A tofu and veggie lover's delight. Found throughout Indonesia, this is an easy, homemade salad that is perfect for a main meal. |

It’s no big secret that I’ve had a *slight* obsession with Bahasa Indonesia since basically well, ever.

Poor Sarah has to listen to me gabble away all the time, nattering on about what this word in Indonesian means, or why that word is just so damn cool to say.

(10 points to anyone who can pronounce pengetahuan!)

Annnnnnd there I go again. Haha 😛


A few weeks ago when we were diving into Bali’s local Indonesian cuisine, being able to speak the language led to some incredible food experiences, some awesome conversations, and a few delicious local recipes.

Just like this recipe for Indonesian Gado Gado with Spicy Peanut Sauce.

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