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Fennel and Orange Salad – Italian 4 Ingredient Recipe

16/06/2016 (Last Updated: 31/10/2019)

Introducing our delicious Fennel and Orange Salad recipe – it’s a real crowd pleaser! This Italian orange salad with fennel and cracked pepper is the perfect side dish, but you can also enjoy this refreshing winter salad on its own for lunch or dinner. Only four ingredients are needed for this quick and easy salad recipe.


Sliced fennel and orange in a bowl, sprinkled with cracked black pepper and garnished with fennel leaves.

Why We Love This Recipe

  • This Italian orange salad with fennel is juicy, refreshing and oh so satisfying. The crisp, almost ‘liquorice’ flavour of fresh fennel and sweet juicy orange ignite with a sprinkling of cracked black pepper.
  • With only four ingredients, it’s a quick and easy salad recipe that’s budget friendly too!  In less than 5 minutes, this delicious salad is a light and satisfying side dish, a super quick snack, or a healthy lunch.
  • Fennel (also known as sweet anise) is a star ingredient in Italian cuisine – for good reason! It’s not only healthy, full of vitamins, minerals and fibre, it also enhances the flavour of your dish!

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