Easy Tonkatsu Sauce – Restaurant Style

Homemade Japanese Tonkatsu Sauce at its best! This easy restaurant style recipe includes the all important toasted sesame seeds for the perfect pairing with any katsu cutlet. Why We Love This Making your own tonkatsu sauce at home is so empowering, and the 5 ingredients are all staples! No trips to the Asian supermarket required. Homemade Japanese sauces have so much more depth of flavour, and are easily adaptable so you can make it exactly how you like it. Related: Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlet) / Chicken Katsu What is Tonkatsu Sauce?  Tonkatsu sauce (とんかつソース) is a Japanese sauce based on Worcestershire sauce. It is always paired with a katsu cutlet – usually pork, but chicken katsu is another popular option.  The most famous commercial sauce is the Bull-Dog brand made from a mix of vegetables, fruit and spices in a vinegar base, which gives it a sour, tangy flavour. Our recipe today is for a more restaurant / homemade style tonkatsu sauce, which includes toasted white sesame seeds. In some tonkatsu restaurants, you’ll be given a mortar and pestle (known as a suribachi) to grind your own sesame seeds at the table to add to your sauce! What You’ll Need Sesame … Continue reading Easy Tonkatsu Sauce – Restaurant Style