Edible Christmas Gifts

Amazing Homemade

Get ready for Christmas with these amazing edible gift ideas. Batchable, freezable and easy to make in advance!

Spoil your loved ones with homemade edible gifts

Super Cute Bites!

Mini Christmas Puddings

Italian almond cookies.

Cantucci Biscotti

Easy no bake triple layer slice.

Jelly Slice

Sweet and delicious.

Biscoff Cookie Butter

Ready in 10 minutes!

Easy Rum Balls with Coconut

Sweet and crumbly confectionary.

Scottish Tablet

Our favourite easy no bake slice!

Lemon Slice

Super easy treat with chocolate top.

Weetbix Slice

Light and crumbly.

Italian Almond Crescents

With easy homemade buttercream.

Ginger Kisses

Classic Aussie biscuits with choc icing.

Coffee Scrolls

Portuguese edible Christmas wreath!

Bolo Rei

Perfect bite size treats for sweet tooths!

Coconut Ice

Classic retro sweet treat!

Aussie Crunch

Soft and fluffy!

Homemade Lamingtons

Coconut balls with condensed milk.

Candy Spuds

Crumbly chocolate slice.

Chocolate Concrete

Using leftover fruit cake or pudding! 

Chester Squares

A deliciously savoury treat for platters.

Mushroom Pate

Recipes include step-by-step videos to get it right first time, every time.

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