10 Epic Recipes Anyone Can Make


Perfect for marinating, dipping, or slathering over your fav recipes. Bring authentic flavour to your Japanese cooking.

Easy to Make at Home!

Cold soba noodle dipping sauce


Sesame dipping sauce for Shabu-Shabu

Goma Dare

Citrus soy dipping sauce for Shabu-Shabu


Easy no-cook dumpling sauce

Gyoza Sauce

Perfect marinade or glaze for grilled meats

Teriyaki Sauce

For salads, sushi bowls, burgers and more!

Sesame Dressing

Perfect for savoury Japanese pancakes

Okonomiyaki Sauce

Restaurant-style with toasted ground sesame

Tonkatsu Sauce

Perfect for crispy golden takoyaki

Takoyaki Sauce

Three ingredient sesame chilli oil

Rayu Chilli Oil

See the full post for great ways to use these sauces!

Authentic Japanese Flavour

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