Chocolate Chicken Mole

Simplified Recipe

Perfect for if you want a quick dinner or can't get ahold of the traditional mole ingredients.

Simplified Recipe

You will need

Fry chillies in oil, then remove and soak in water to soften.

Cook chicken breast in chilli infused oil.

Simmer chicken in orange juice and stock. Optional: Once cooked, shred chicken or leave as whole chicken pieces.

Fry garlic, onion, herbs and spices in chilli oil.

Add bread, currants and pepita seeds and continue to fry.

Add tomato puree and stock, simmer until fragrant.

Add softened chillies back into sauce.

Blend the sauce until smooth.

Add dark chocolate pieces and melt into the sauce.

Stir chicken into the sauce and serve!

Includes step-by-step video to get it right first time, every time.

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