Ethiopian Style Spicy Popcorn Recipe

All the spicy flavour of African Berbere spices made for salted popcorn. This gluten-free Ethiopian Style Spicy Popcorn Recipe is a MUST HAVE movie snack. Easy to make, super moreish, and suitable for vegans and vegetarians too.

Ethiopian Style Spicy Popcorn Recipe - With all the flavour of Berbere made for salted popcorn. This is a MUST HAVE movie snack. <yoastmark class='yoast-text-mark'>So easy and moreish!</yoastmark> Vegetarian and Vegan. |

Hey guys! We received this Classic Blue Serving Bowl with Felt from Uncommon Goods for review purposes, but all opinions are our own. If you’re looking for handcrafted kitchen tools or  quirky gifts from talented artists around the world, head over and check out the awesome range at Uncommon Goods.

If you haven’t heard of Uncommon Goods, they’re all about helping emerging designers to sell their unique wares, and we’re all about supporting these guys too. Not to mention, they look fantastic with our unique recipes. 😛

So as I sit here and type, this lovely big bowl of Ethiopian Style Spicy Popcorn is poking its head up from behind my laptop.

Staring at me.

Begging me to munch it all in one fell swoop.

Because as you know with popcorn, one bite is all it takes. And trust me. One little morsel of freshly popped corn dusted in aromatic berbere spices, and you’ll be totally hooked.

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Authentic Hungarian Goulash (Gulyas)

Authentic Hungarian Goulash (Gulyas) is the ULTIMATE comfort food. What’s not to love about slow-simmered beef and potatoes infused with spicy paprika and homemade csipetke egg noodles? Perfect for a hungry winter’s dinner, or freeze ahead for a satisfyingly lazy lunch.

Authentic Hungarian Goulash (Gulyas) - A hearty, winter meal filled with fantastic paprika and spice flavour. The beef melts in your mouth, so get out your crusty bread and dip it in! |

Okay, forget the famous Budapest Chain Bridge, or the ancient Fisherman’s Bastion. This Traditional Hungarian Goulash always brings us back to the incredible night when we first learned this recipe.

You see, calling it just ‘thunder’ seems a bit underwhelming, because the storm we experienced that night was INSANE.

In a scary, exciting… not-sure-if-we’re-gonna-die kind of way.

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4 Ingredient Italian Fennel and Orange Salad

A simple, fresh and zesty salad full of flavour and ready in less than 5 minutes. This 4 Ingredient Italian Fennel and Orange Salad is a light and satisfying side dish, a super quick snack, or a healthy lunch.

4 Ingredient Italian Fennel and Orange Salad - Crunchy and crisp to bite, this juicy fresh salad is waiting to brighten up your summer dinner. |

Hey guys, hope you’re having an awesome week so far. Despite the horrible rainy weather we’re still having in Adelaide (enough already, weather-man) ours has been going great.

Yesterday we tried our hands at screen printing our very own hand-cut designs on tea towels at Gallery 1855 (if you haven’t seen them already you can check them out on our Instagram page).

And today we’ve been having a ball, cooking up brand new recipes left, right and centre, and we’re super keen to share everything with you over the next few weeks.

In the meantime though, we’ve got a quick question for you:

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Italian Roast Chicken (Dry Salt Roast Chicken)

A super juicy, super tender Italian Roast Chicken recipe cooked completely without oil. All you get is soft, moist, white chicken with a crinkly, crispy skin. It’s the perfect easy Italian roast dinner recipe you’ve been looking for.

Italian Roast Chicken (Dry Salt Roasted Chicken) - Crispy skin and juicy meat awaits, no oil required. |

Sitting here in our cosy home-office, we’re thankful for the life we’ve created for ourselves and the people who have helped us along the way. For the roof over our heads and for the food on our table and for being able to share it all with you guys every week.

But.. if we’re completely honest… There’s a little something we’re missing from our travelling past-life.

And it’s got something to do with those spontaneous, life-changing decisions that lead to unforgettable adventures (and tasty international cuisines 😉 ) just like this one.

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Snert Dutch Split Pea Soup (Erwtensoep)

A savoury delight, this thick and hearty Snert Dutch Split Pea Soup (Erwtensoep) is just like a warm hug from Grandma on a cold winter’s day. And! This bowl of smoky goodness tastes just as good as its name. We swear!

Snert Dutch Split Pea Soup Erwtensoep - A thick dinner soup. Eat with crusty, hot bread and get stuck into a steamy bowl tonight.|


Can we all just bask in the glory of that name for a second, before I pull out its other Dutch name?

ERWTENSOEP. (Pronounced: Air-ten-soup)

Oh god how we love these names! They’re almost as good as the dish itself.

But no matter what you call this Dutch Split Pea Soup, we’re sure you’re going to love it.
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