Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe with Creme Fraiche

This Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe with Creme Fraiche was inspired by a trip to the French countryside. Featuring a blend of juicy fresh strawberries, creme fraiche and sugar, there’s no nasty artificial flavours here, just fresh real ingredients blended into the best tasting ice cream you could ever ask for. Yum!

Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe with Creme Fraiche - A creamy, simple dessert bursting with fresh strawberry flavours and a creamy texture you can't go past. |

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Ice cream has been a special treat in our family for as long as I can remember. Nowadays there are more fancy ice cream flavours than you can poke a popstick at, but what I remember best is the nightly dessert battleground that played out over the humble tub of Neapolitan.

Who would get their hands on the last scoop of strawberry ice cream? Or would the chocolate or vanilla get scooped up first?

Should I top with chocolate topping, sprinkles, fresh fruit or just eat it up au naturel?

Do I carefully blend every last bit  with my spoon til my ice cream more resembles a thickshake, or jump right in and eat it before anyone else can..?

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Sate Lilit – Balinese Minced Pork Satays

Introducing Sate Lilit: These bite-sized Balinese morsels are going to change your life. Made with minced pork (or tuna or chicken), these easy Balinese Satays are packed with a mouthwatering Balinese spice paste known as Basa Genap. If you’re ready to head on over to FLAVOUR TOWN, read on!

Sate Lilit - Balinese Minced Port Satays - These bite-sized Balinese morsels are going to change your life. Made with minced pork (or tuna or chicken), these easy Balinese Satays are packed with mouthwatering basa genap.

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If you’re a regular reader of Wandercooks you’ll know we’ve just returned from an edible adventure through Bali. Safe to say we’re still on a foodie high after those 12 epic days of binging on as much street food as we could handle 😅, so we couldn’t resist sharing another tasty Balinese discovery.

Without further ado, enter Sate Lilit. 👏🏻

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Chef Lole’s Balinese Spice Paste Recipe – Basa Genap

Ever wondered how Balinese recipes have so much flavour? Well, it has a little something to do with a magic spice blend known as Basa Genap (aka Bumbu Bali or Balinese Spice Paste). Filled with freshly ground herbs and spices, chilli, lemongrass and garlic, this Balinese Spice Paste recipe is ready to heat up your kitchen, Indonesian style.

Chef Lole's Balinese Spice Paste (Basa Genap) - An easy and delicious paste from simple Indonesian ingredients. Perfect for curries, soups and satay. |

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Guys, I know we’ve been a little quiet lately, but I swear we have a good excuse! 😅

We’ve just come back from a brand new edible adventure, this time through the island of Bali, Indonesia.

Our mission?

To dig deep and discover as many traditional dishes as we could possibly eat over 12 delicious days.

On foot we explored the  regions of Legian, Tabanan, Ubud and Seminyak, discovering busy morning markets (pasar pagi) tucked away in the back streets, and unveiling a world of fresh vegetables, tropical fruits and fragrant spices just waiting to be cooked.

We found street food vendors galore, dishing up daily offerings of Indonesian goodies like bakso (meatball soup) and gado-gado (blanched vegetable salad with yummy peanut sauce).

With every new discovery, our curiosity just kept growing…

What more deliciousness could Bali possibly have in store?

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Eton Mess Dessert – 5 Minute Pavlova Recipe

Yummy, scrummy, and oh-so-delicious, this 5 Minute Eton Mess Dessert literally melts in your mouth – just like pavlova! This quick version features crumbly meringue, sweet whipped cream, fresh fruit and Table of Plenty’s Nourish & Go all wrapped up in one ridiculously easy dessert recipe.

Eton Mess Dessert Recipe 5 Minute Pavlova - Whipped in minutes, this quick and easy dessert is sure to please your guests. Sweet thick cream, strawberries, mint, kiwi and meringue make the best combo. |

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Do you often find yourself craving something a sweet little bite after dinner, but don’t feel like going to the hassle of making or baking something?

Well, today’s little Eton Mess Dessert recipe is the answer!

Today we’re sharing a few little tips and tricks to make your very own quick and easy Eton Mess at home.

But remember guys, with great power comes great responsibility. 😉

(Good luck resisting this one when that next sugar craving hits!)

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Italian Strawberry Muffins Recipe

These easy homemade Italian Strawberry Muffins are super moist and filled with fresh strawberries, and can be made in minutes with your KitchenAid. They’re like ME-TIME in a patty pan. Just add a hot mug of coffee or tea. 😉

Strawberry Muffins Recipe - These easy homemade muffins are filled with fresh strawberries, super moist on the inside and can be made in minutes with your KitchenAid. |

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Sometimes the smallest things can set off a bout of homesickness. Thankfully though, sometimes the simplest things can cure it. These super easy Strawberry Muffins were our 30 minute cure during a rather strong bout of homesickness while we were overseas, so we thought we’d share their delicious goodness in case you need a sweet little pick-me-up too.

Wandering through the middle of South East Asia was a heck of an adventure.

We were so lucky to see, try and taste so many zany new foods, but the longer we travelled, the more we started to miss…

Familiar things…

Comforting things…

Flavours that reminded us of home when it all got a bit too hard.

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