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Easy Keyword Research Served Up for Food Bloggers

Have keyword research come to you as easily and naturally as putting together a recipe. This book will help you implement a solid keyword research system with easy steps you can follow for each post you publish.

Mockup of book title page.

Go Organic With Your Traffic!

Is your blog traffic stagnant?

Are you endlessly publishing new posts without seeing any substantial growth?

Do you rely on social media and want to diversify your traffic?

Are you feeling frustrated or confused by keyword research?

Feeling stuck on where to even start?

Then this ebook is for you!

“This is the book we wish we had when we first started our food blog. Packed with info, tips and advice tailored specifically for food bloggers.”

Sarah and Laura from Wandercooks.

Hey! We’re Laura & Sarah.

Before we created our Keyword Research system, we used to prioritise our day jobs and rush our food blog content.

We didn’t understand keyword research (or ignored it completely), and cooked whatever we felt like with no strategy for success.

In Feb 2020 our blog was at 70k pageviews, generating only a few hundred dollars a month. We worked on developing our Keyword Research system and transformed our blog from a hobby into a full time income – for both of us.

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Download our 60+ page ebook for an investment of only $147AU+gst.

Our Keyword Research Journey

Transforming our blog didn’t happen overnight.

As part of the process we:

Updated ALL our remaining content
with new keyword insights and in-depth keyword analysis using KeySearch.

DELETED unsalvageable posts (over a third of our existing content)
which had either no keyword value or high competition.

Learned to write for the READER (no keyword stuffing here)
enabling keywords to naturally find our posts each time.

The results?

Our blog is up 10x or an average of 800K pageviews a month.

With just 255 recipes, our site ranks for 135K+ keywords (as of June 2023).

What Topics Are Covered in this Ebook?

  • What are Keywords and why are they important?
  • KeySearch – Keyword Research Tool
  • Keyword Essentials – The Toolkit
  • Keyword Research Introduction
  • The Initial Setup
  • Pitfalls to Avoid – Not All Keywords are the Same
  • Long-Tail Keywords and Title Modifiers
  • Deep Analysis and LSI Keywords
  • Adding Keywords to Your Content – Where Do They Go?
  • How to Update an Existing Post
  • KeySearch’s Content Assistant
  • Keyword Density
  • Video and Keywords (VSEO) – Is it Worth it?
  • Post Publishing – Keyword Tracking
  • Keyword FAQs + Tips

You’ll also receive these FREE goodies!

  • BONUS: Keyword Value Calculator – How much is a post worth?
  • BONUS: Blog Post Growth Calculator – Estimate your income growth.
  • Access to the Eat Your Words Facebook Group where you can ask questions, find further resources, and share your goals and wins with the Eat Your Words community.


Essential Reading for All Food Bloggers Who Want to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Sarah and Laura have put together a valuable resource for food bloggers interested in increasing their traffic, making the most of the content they already have AND making wise, strategic choices about what to create next. And the best part is, their system for keyword research is simple and relies on affordable, easy-to-master tools and techniques. EAT YOUR WORDS is encouraging, thorough and makes keyword research feel doable rather than intimidating.

Easy to Understand and Super Helpful

I have just finished going through your book and I have learned so much! The book is fabulous and answers just about all my questions.

I can see some of my new recipes already doing great and making their way towards Number 1 quickly.

My DA has also improved by 1 and we’re ranking for 1000 more keywords already than before your book.

The Best Keyword Research Resource I Have Come Across

I love that it is specifically for food bloggers, by food bloggers – niche specific meant that I learnt a lot! Many aspects of the book were new to me, and I am certain I will see great success when I put the knowledge I have gained into practice. I will be looking at keyword research in a new light from now on. Thank you, Sarah and Laura, for this fantastic ebook!

Clearly Written and Informative

It’s such a clearly written and informative book! I am now excited to go and apply the information in it to my blog – especially to the many many posts that I need to update.

Easy to Understand the Important Stuff!

Eat Your Words is a comprehensive and thorough guide to understanding the importance of keywords and doing your research!
Sarah and Laura have a level headed approach to blogging and their E-book helps other bloggers understand the important stuff, in a manner that is easy to comprehend! 
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One-On-One Coaching

We offer coaching with Sarah to spend an hour going through your blog and keyword research. It’s a chance to ask personalised questions and work together on a tricky post or two.

Limited spots – only 5 sessions available per month. $150AU+gst /hr or $125US /hr.

Eat Your Words - Easy Keyword Research for Food Bloggers