Christmas Kings Cake


A lightly spiced, fluffy Christmas cake filled with fruit and nuts. Looks so impressive on your Christmas table!

Edible Christmas Wreath

For the cake: - all purpose flour - dried yeast - sugar - butter softened - eggs - salt - lemon zest - warm milk - port wine / brandy / sweet sherry - candied or dried fruit - unsalted mixed nuts

For the garnish: - dried fruit slices - unsalted mixed nuts - icing sugar - strawberry jam (jelly) - hot water

You will need

Soak the fruit in port, brandy or sweet sherry.

Mix yeast with warm milk. Rest for 5-10 mins until frothy.

Pour into bowl with cake ingredients, fruit and nuts. Knead.

Mould into a ball shape. Sprinkle with flour and cover.

Allow dough to rise and double in size. (Around 1.5 hours).

Form a ring / crown around a cup or dish. Rise for another hour.

Baste & garnish: nuts, fruit, icing sugar. Bake 35-45 mins.

Slice and enjoy.

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