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Taiwanese Breakfast Burger

According to our housemate this Taiwanese Breakfast Burger tastes like dumplings in a bun! We’ve cooked so much flavour right into the patty then topped it off with a crispy fried egg. Ready for breakfast?

Taiwanese Breakfast Burger - Chinese dumplings in a burger, yes please! For breakfast? Even better. |


Quick note: This is a sponsored blog post celebrating the launch of Kitchenaid’s Artisan Mini Stand Mixer, but all opinions are our own. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with us.

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I know I know, I can hear you now. Burgers for breakfast?

100% YEP.

Also before we get started with today’s recipe, we just want to ask:

Have you ever been to Taiwan? Ever eaten a Taiwanese Breakfast Burger? If so, we want to hear from you!

You see, we weaved together our memories of our own Taiwanese Breakfast Burger experience with a little experimentation in the kitchen. But we’re keen to hear what you’ve discovered.

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Alex’s Mini Breakfast Quiches

Mini Breakfast Quiches are about to make your day. Baked to crispy golden perfection yet gorgeously soft and fluffy on the inside, these quick and easy mini quiches are packed with healthy veggies and crispy bacon for a super satisfying breakfast. 

French Mini Breakfast Quiches - A savoury delight that's SUPER fluffy and so SIMPLE. These crustless quiches are a fantastic healthy winter warmer. |

Oh, breakfast. How we love you.

You’re always full of such delicious opportunity, whether we feel like something sweet and scrambled… packed with spicy flavoursatisfyingly fruity… or just plain fun

How anyone could skip this most glorious meal of the day is beyond me.

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Addictive Scrambled Pancakes for Food Sharing

Breakfast, brunch or dessert these Addictive Scrambled Pancakes are THE sharing platter you want with friends. Pancakes will never be the same again with our crazy-awesome list of flavour combinations. Try lemon and jam or lemon and sugar, even cocoa dates and maple syrup!

Addictive Scrambled Pancakes for Food Sharing - Breakfast, brunch or dessert this is THE sharing platter you want with friends. With crazy-awesome flavor combinations, pancakes will never be the same again. Try lemon and jam or lemon and sugar, even cocoa dates and maple syrup! Vegetarian. |

The origin of our love affair for these addictive scrambled pancakes came around by complete accident.

Orrrr… You know. General kitchen disaster.

Whatever you want to call it.

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Tasty Taiwanese Tuna and Egg Crepes (Dan Bing 蚕餅)

Whether you’re hungry for a piping hot breakfast or midday snack, these Taiwanese Tuna and Egg Crepes are ready to satisfy. Crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, and bursting with savoury deliciousness, you won’t believe just how easy they are to make. 

Tasty Taiwanese Tuna and Egg Crepes (Dan Bing 蚕餅) - Some call them pancakes, or eggs rolls but however you make them for breakfast we guarantee a delicious outcome. Not to mention they are so easy to make! |

Taiwan was such a surprising country, and we fell in love with it way, WAY more than we ever expected.

Seriously, if you’ve never been there, or never thought of adding it to your holiday plans, you should probably go rectify that like, right now. 😛

We touched down in the Taiwanese Capital City of Taipei last month with essentially ZERO idea of what to expect from this tiny country, its local people, or their culture.

Oh boy was Taiwan a shock to the system, in the most awesome way possible.

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Super Simple Saturday: Indonesian Chocolate Banana Bread (Roti Pisang Coklat)

A super simple twist on a sweet breakfast classic, this Indonesian Chocolate Banana Bread is almost quicker to make than it is to eat. There’s enough chocolate to satisfy even an Easter Morning craving, but with added banana for an extra healthy bite.

Indonesian Chocolate Banana Bread (Roti Pisang Coklat) - Chocolate for breakfast? YES PLEASE. This sweet come slightly healthy meal is found throughout Indonesia. Vegetarian. |

As I sit down to type this, the breeze is blowing through our hair and the birds are having a raucous conversation in the trees above our heads. We’re taking things easy on our private balcony, looking down over a glittering pool, bathers on, ready to jump in.

Yep. It’s a hard life.

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